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Tristan Gorski

  • Ruim 15 jaar ervaring
  • Aantrekkelijke prijzen
  • Prachtige plek middenin de natuur
  • Duurzaam verblijf
  • Goede faciliteiten (zwemvijver, sauna, water uit natuurlijke bron)

DJ Tristan Gorski is an event organiser and DJ based on the tropical island Koh Phangan. With a wide spectrum of music at his fingertips, Tristan sculpts a landscape of sound and rhythms for listeners to dive into. Whether you’re looking for a space for connection, exploration or celebration, his musical experiences have got you covered.
Tristan’s passion for music has taken him beyond the shores of Koh Phangan, performing at various international festivals, in Europe, Russia, UK. USA, & Mexico. He brings his unique style of sound curation to audiences around the world, creating unforgettable moments that inspire and uplift.

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