We welcome you to Sadhaka, Yoga, Tantra and Creative courses. A leader of Tantra,  yoga and creative holidays in France since 2004. During summer, we offer 6 consecutive weeks of varied training programs at our beautiful place Le Moulin. The location is situated in the green heart of France in Europe, easily reached by train in 3 hours from Paris airport. At our 5 hectare domain Le Moulin with an idyllic swimming lake we created a wonderful healing place for you in the midds of nature where you feel easily welcome, safe and at home. Rest is absolutely assured here.

We are excited to offer several retreats delivered in English: The Sadhaka Tantra Festival – Awaken into Love, Photography course, Pranic Healing and Shiatsu Massage Certified training, Ten Chi Nin Yoga course, Tantra Yoga course, Tantra Shibari experience and the Tibetan Tantra Massage course.

Sadhaka hopes to inspire your spiritual development, and support you in opening to the Divine. We provide a unique experience that you can look back on with a smile for years to come.

Through our travel forum you can easily find other participants heading for Sadhaka, and travel together. Twice as nice while saving the environment and your travel expenses.


A sustainable stay

Solar panels provide hot water and electricity at Le Moulin and the veggie, fruit and berry garden most of the conscious vegetarian food that is served. The water from the tap comes from a natural source, we bake our own bread, make flour and muesli from organic grain, provide fresh kefir drinks, home made peanutbutter, nutmilk, and have eggs from our own chickens. The hammocks and art sculptures are at the site to enjoy. For a swim you just jump in the lake with clean swimming water or take a dip in the small river that surrounds the whole area. 



You can enjoy various wonderful massages and healings on reservation this summer. And new at Sadhaka: we have a sauna !!!



New!! Join the first Sadhaka Tantric community period this September and October as a guest or volunteer. Read more here....

Retreat program

July 2020
Combi week Yoga, and Art 25.04 - 02.05
Combi week Yoga, Tantra and Art 11.07 - 18.07
The Art of Tantric touch 11.07 - 18.07
Tantra festival - awaken into love 18.07 - 25.07
Art week 25.07 - 01.08 (dutch)
Tantra Yoga course 25.07 - 01.08
Tantra & Shibari experience 25.07 - 01.08

August 2020
Combi week Yoga, Tantra and Art 02.08 - 09.08
The Art of Tantric touch 02.08 - 09.08
Art week 09.08 - 16.08 (dutch)
Tantra Yoga course 09.08 - 16.08
Tibetan Tantra massage course 09.08 - 16.08 
Combi week Yoga, Tantra and Art  16.08 - 23.08