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Sadhaka Afterglow

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

We welcome you to Sadhaka Afterglow!

Experience a relaxing and meanungfull late summer week dedicated to balance, well-being and YES joy. An international gathering and conscious cocreation event for inspired togetherness, quality time and exchange.

A 6 day event, inviting anyone involved in personal growth to come together, share experience and play. Let your soul and body lead you the way. Afterglow is an event with focus on inner healing, embodiment and awareness.

Let’s spark some magic together

Join us in an unforgettable life-changing summer experience that will lead you into deep connection with yourself, other people and nature and the world as a whole! An international gathering of healers and bodyworkers, coaches, masseurs and practitioners.

In our workshop program, we realign our inner compass, unleash our creative potential and learn to live meaningful relationships – to consciously and proactively create a safe and heart to heart connection. With music, art, dance, ceremonies and holistic embodiment we celebrate pure life in all its facets!

Embodiment practices invite us to not only meet and release old pain with gentleness and curiosity but to also develop a heightened sense of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and a deeper trust in the wisdom and resilience of our moving bodies.

This is the beginning of a journey… let’s spark some magic together!
The Sadhaka Afterglow is a place where you can participate daily in all kinds of workshops, sound bath healings, different forms of massages, breathing circles and much more. We co-create a highly experiential space designed to consciously connect. Six days of flowing with what presents itself in the moment, following your body and needs and being guided by where your intuition takes you.

Experience connection with like-minded people. Relax and strengthen each other. We need each other, to be even more of who we really are!

Share the joy of life

The days are filled with a joint daily practice, with time for yourself, delicious healthy food, cocooning in the lounge area, sit cozy around the campfire, connect with nature, yourselve and each other, with sauna, fire and cocoa ceremony and a summer dip in the natural spring. There is time and space for co-creation and your own contribution to the program. Expect strong physical exercises, rich inner work, massage, tantra and meditation, mantra chanting, global healing meditations and sharing circles. Discover more about yourself and your true ability to live in freedom and share the joy of life.

Quality time onder het licht van de maan en twinkelende sterren…


Day 1: Arrival on Sunday between 4 and 6:30 PM, dinner at 7:00 PM followed by an opening ceremony.

Day 2 to 6:
Varied morning session: start the day with yoga / Tao practice / somatic movement / (active) meditation.
After breakfast and lunch join a workshop.
Each session has an average duration of 2.5 hours.
After dinner, a varied evening program is offered, including meditation, dance and movement (such as ecstatic dance), sauna, and more.
The following applies for the entire week: participate as much as you want, take as much time and space as necessary.

Day 7: Departure on Saturday, August 31 after breakfast until 10:00 am.


Reviews from participants

What a fantastic festival! From the moment I arrived at this magical place, I was embraced by the loving & connecting vibe. In the midst of everything that was going on, I realized how beautiful it is when people come together, open their hearts and share pure joy. Sophie

The Sadhaka team created a setting of heartfelt Welcome and an Embracing Peace at their beautiful and natural oasis in Orsennes. The positive impact on my inner well-being and future prospects is great. Inner layers of consciousness were opened for me that I would never have wanted to miss through a varied range of workshops, authentic Presence and warm Connection from and with everyone. Many thanks and all the best on the further Sadhaka Path! Marc

Wonderful… the flow and ease with which you give everyone the feeling of coming home. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the group, the safety, the support and the expertise of your guidance. An experience to cherish… Thank you! -Ann T.

How much we would like to stay in touch with you and continue to immerse ourselves in the mind- and body-expanding energy that you bring. Respect for your Life Power, perseverance, creations, team-oriented and organizational talents, welcoming and nurturing vibes and so much more that allows you to truly make this world more beautiful and delight hearts. Our hearts are still twinkling after the past week at Sadhaka. Ingrid

Teachers and workshops

Here, passionate people join forces, guiding group sessions that take you from the earthly to refined energies, with special attention to healing, embodiment and awareness of soul and body. Discover the deeper layers of yourself and forge connections with others during interactive workshops. This event promises a journey towards inner growth and well-being, with both individual and collective exercises being an essential part of this special experience.

• Nadine van der Aa | shares her healing spectrum with connecting communication, astrology, systemic work and of course her famous 5 bodies therapy, and creative art workshops
• Wim Molinello | Tantra and awareness with active meditations, yoga and body work – sound healing sessions
• Eugene and Chandra | polarity work to embrace your inner masculine and feminine and mantra sessions
• Chandra | open art studio to let your creative self flow freely.
• Janie Petersen | tantra workshops, bodywork and art
• Caroline van Wingaarden | constellation workshop on Soul potential, dance & connection

Keep an eye on the website for more teachers and workshops soon.

Healers, personal deepening

You can book an individual session with the various trainers, masseurs and healers for an even more in-depth experience. Prices and booking on site. There are also unlimited possibilities for personal exchanges, arising from spontaneous encounters on site.

• Lomi Lomi massage
• Individual body massage
• Tantra Massage
• Shibari session

Welcome to Sadhaka Afterglow

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International Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga restorative retreat spell

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