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  • Over 14 years of experience
  • Attractive prices (especially for tantra)
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Large-scale, but certainly with a personal touch
  • Excellent facilities (including swimming pond and sauna)

Photos Wim and Chandra

Photos Wim and Chandra (teachers and owners)

Photos Location

Photos Location

Photos Groups

Photos Groups

Photos People and Atmosphere

Photos People and Atmosphere Courses Sadhaka

Photos Environment

Photos Environment Course Location France

Food Photos

Food Photos

Photos Animals

Photos Animals

Photos Sculpt

Sculpt photos

Drawing and Painting Photos

Photos Course Drawing and Painting

Photos Linoleum

Photos Linoleum

Photos Glass in Stain

Photos Glass in Lead course

Photos Jewelry

Create Jewelry Course Photos

Photos Mosaic

Photos Course Mosaic

Photos Yoga Meditation

Photos Course Yoga and Meditation

Photos Tantra

Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka

Photos Massage

Photos Massage

Photos Shibari

Photos Course Shibari

Photos Tibetan Massage

Photos Tibetan Massage Course

Thank you for the fantastic, spiritual, soothing and creative week. Your hospitality and love continues to our core, allowing us to view the world differently


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