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Nadine van der Aa

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Massage came into my life around 2005 and hasn’t gone since then. Chakra psychology and chakra massage, energetic organ science, shiatsu, lomi lomi and many other forms of massage. Later in 2008 I started my own practice EQUINOX of Healing Hands and Healing Words.

Energetic massage is a form of therapy that aims to remove the energy blockages that have arisen at the energetic nodes over time. Traumatic or emotionally drastic events in life eventually cause the energy flow to be disrupted. Here we speak of “healing hands”.

I have been teaching for over 10 years now, a massage which I distilled from all the forms of bodywork I learned. In addition, the 5 transformations are of great importance in my work. I work with macrobiotics on a daily basis and that is supportive within the holistic vision that I use in my sessions and lessons.

With healing hands and healing words I support where necessary in the process of transformation, of personal and spiritual growth, development and awareness to realize change and breakthrough.


What will I bring to the Art of Touch festival?

All our organs have a coupling organ according to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
In a workshop, the organs are interpreted separately: the location, their function, also the emotion and the symbolism, in order to then understand these organs as a pair/couple and in the bigger picture. Our whole body works together in a circular process, where one organ strengthens the next and drawing strength from the previous. A process of awareness is necessary to really become free from dishamony in the body and mind, and certainly from chronic issues. That is why it is very important to understand her language and then listen to it. In this way we gain clarity in ourselves as a holistic being and also in our relationship with life.

Workshop 1
Chakra points, reflex zones and meridian points. And then go in depth with the bladder meridian in connection with the kidney meridian. What is the yin and the yang? The kidney meridian has 67 points and is important to support our nervous system.

Workshop 2
Gallbladder. In TCM it is claimed that the root of all disorders lies in the (energetic) functioning of the gallbladder. Very interesting to study what we can do about bodywork and massage to have a supportive and even healing effect.

Workshop 3
Focus on the side position. For recipients who cannot receive in the supine or prone position, this is an extremely loving and nurturing workshop. Here too, specific meridian points are discussed that should be approached with care in the case of serious illnes or pregnant women. Which parts/points can you or not to be stimulated during pregnancy or how do you approach a palliative body in function of life-stimulation or helping to transition? Can all be addressed in more specific situations.

Another workshop could be about chakra psychology and the diagnosis on the body. How do you approach a body from the chakras? Where on the body do you treat the 7 chakras? How do you know where to start, where the entrance is? It is also possible to work additively with essential oil and/or gemstones.