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What can Tantra do for you?

Tantra is a way of awareness. It gives you the chance to get to know yourself fully. Without any restriction, prejudice or concept. Because there are no taboos in Tantra, you can investigate everything. Every emotion, every desire, every fear is welcome. Anything can be investigated. There are no more restrictions, other than those you impose on yourself. This requires respect and maturity. To face the deepest secrets within yourself, courage is needed. That’s why Tantra gives you the tools to strengthen you. Furthermore, Tantra gives you the opportunity to develop your heart energy so that you can love yourself unconditionally. This means that you can also be more open to others and especially to those close to your heart.

A surprise, pushing and discovering boundaries every day. People at their best. Dare to be open again!


A tantrika is someone who…

  • the curiosity of a child and the enthusiasm of an adolescent;
  • passionate about life as a responsible adult;
  • free is like an enlightened mind and happy as a wise.

And furthermore, a tantrika is someone present; present in themselves, with the other, in what is happening… with an open heart.
He/she is alert about everything life offers and is passionately connected to it.
Each situation brings with it an opportunity to develop further, to give you, to be amazed at the richness of life.

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A pure understanding of Tantra

First, clear up a big misunderstanding that Tantra would initially only be about sex, eroticism, massage and relationships. In Tantra, it is correct that sexual energy is seen as a primary life energy.
However, through various intense meditations and powerful techniques, Tantra increases this basic energy and then transforms it into higher, refined forms of energy.
Body and mind come into harmony more in harmony, making you healthier, more powerful and more radiant. Tantra ultimately aims to become more and more free, regardless of all kinds of thinking constructions, desires and also personal (sexual) issues.

Tantra teaches you to give up all restrictions (e.g. identity as a man or a woman, race or geographical location) and to experience yourself as a whole, in perfect unity.
It highlights life from a holistic perspective, the world and those around it as extensions of themselves. The Tantrika wants to experience life in the broadest sense of the word. That’s why it doesn’t ignore sexuality. Tantrism sees sexuality as an effective means of generating large amounts of energy. Tantra yoga teaches you to improve your sexuality by striving for unconditional love and unity. Most major religions ignore or suppress sexuality. This repressed sexuality can cause deviations in life (see Sigmund Freud).

Unlike most other mystical ways, Tantra does not attempt to suppress, control or destroy the ego. Tantra takes very good care of the ego, so that it no longer has to have fear or live in frustration. Thus, little by little, the ego will fall asleep and our true nature, the divine within us, will come to the surface.
Every time we catch a glimpse of our true nature, we cherish that moment and, if possible, let’s expand it as far as we can.

Many students come to Tantra to learn techniques to improve their sex lives. To perform sex from an erotic or sensual mind is good to know at all, to understand it all the way to the core. This can be seen as a springboard to further spiritual growth where we no longer see the partner as a sex or lust object. Sexuality is not a physical act from a desire of the ego seeking sense gratification. Touches are pure from a spiritual heart. One connection through the other with the Divine completely ignores love through the heart and emotions. An intimate connection takes place that leaves all the representations of the mind behind. There is real connection at the highest level, a Divine unification in lovemaking, an orgasmic cosmic unification, MahaMudra.

The most difficult task of a tantrika is to recognize his/her beliefs and concepts and… release it. Only by facing life purely can the truth be discovered.

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