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Evening program summer in France

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Evening program summer

Evening program summer in France

Tibetan sound bowl meditations, mandela’s drawing, dreamboarding, chanting mantras, sauna. Cosy activities as perks this summer at Le Moulin in France.

Enjoyed the great atmosphere at Le Moulin, delicious meals, the kingfisher, sun, water, music, campfire and above all flowing energy. Wow!


Crystal healing meditation and sound bowl meditations

One-hour group sessions

In these evening meditations, you don’t really have to do anything except be present in the here and now. The more than 40 crystal and pink quartz gemstones channel and enhance positive and healing energy. By surrounding yourself in a bubble of balanced energy and love, your own energetic body will naturally resonate more in balance. A relaxed togetherness where you are invited to come into a deep meditative atmosphere, where body and mind fully come to rest.

Meditatieve klankschaal meditatiesMeditatieve klankschaal meditatiesA sound concert is a special experience, based on the healing effect of sound and its vibration. The subtle energy of the Tibetan singing bowls have a strong effect on body and mind. They work to the cellular level, affect the energy field with which we are surrounded and lift blockages, or rebalance them.

When: evening activity, once a week during the course weeks at Le Moulin
Price: free
Registration not required

Sadhaka has a sauna!

Sadhaka SaunaSauna SadhakaOn the field, where it used to be flat, is now suddenly a hill. There, hidden under the grass is a secret spot, a window, a door…. During the day a place of silence to retreat. Two evenings a week (and more on request) we stoke the wood-burning stove to pleasant sauna temperatures… Hmmmm! The swimming lake is nearby, for a cooling dip.

When: evening activity, twice a week at Le Moulin
Price: Free
Registration not required

Mantra evening

Make your voice heard. You can be there! You don’t have to have a singing voice for this night. Everyone can participate, because everyone has their own unique sound. Mantras are songs with a short rehearsing text. The repetition doesn’t make you think, but you can relax and let the sounds of you merge with the people around you work deeply on you. They have a soothing effect on your mind and body, a real heart opener!

When: evening activity, every three weeks at Le Moulin
Price: Free
Registration not required

Mantra avond

Dance evening

We don’t dance at Sadhaka, we move. Move the way you feel. As the closing act of the week, the Sadhaka disco does well every time. Swing together in the yoga room, you can be there, take up your space and feel free like a bird, move it baby!

When: evening activity, every last night of the week from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Le Moulin
Price: Free
Registration not required

dance night

Create your own Moodboard

A holiday gives you room to look back on the past year, and make new plans for the year ahead. What do you like to see realized in the coming year or the life that lies ahead? Visualize your wishes on paper. A particularly pleasant evening browsing in magazines, cutting and pasting, just out of your mind and listening to your heartfelt wishes. The result brings clarity and is a direction indicator that you can once at home drop your eye on.

When: evening activity, every three weeks at Le Moulin
Price: Free
Registration not required

Maak je eigen Moodboard

French getaway to La P’Artquetterie

La Partquetterie is one of those cultural places where you as a tourist never come and where you can taste the real small-scale French atmosphere. A jam evening or concert on the Thursday evening is a pleasant getaway on a unique and atmospheric country location not far from Le Moulin.

When: every Thursday night
Price: Jam evenings free, concerts entrance between 5 and 10 euros
Registration on the spot

Frans uitje naar La P'Artquetterie

Mandela’s signs

Mandela's tekenen 1Mandela's tekenenMandela’s have structured symetric forms from the Tibetan tradition. At Sadhaka you draw a line from a circle intuitive and completely unpretentious. Colouring in with crayons, watercolor pencils or marker is a relaxing activity where you can relax. The results are always surprising and say something about you.

When: evening activity, every three weeks at Le Moulin
Price: Free
Registration not required

Blind clays

Blind kleienBlind kleienClay is a wonderful material to play with uninhibited, tampering, experimenting, taking risks, using weaknesses, simply enjoying and being here and now. Listen to what’s inside you, and express it in your own way. Do instead of thinking!
It is not for nothing that a much heard doctor’s advice for relaxation is to go to work in the garden. With your hands in the earth. Everyone also knows the stress balls, where the idea is that stress disappears into the ball by kneading hard.

Even when working with clay you notice that by kneading and busy with your hands all your thoughts and action points disappear by themselves.
And the effect is magnified by doing it blindly, without knowing what you’re kneading. Because then we want to make it beautiful again, and responsibly, and that’s where your thoughts and goals come back to the corner.

During this evening activity, working on feeling and letting it happen is central, with the result only to be seen afterwards. By literally growing the clay under your hands, it takes on meaning and inspiration. And besides that it’s just a wonderful thing to do, the results when you take off your blindfold are also very surprising!

When: evening activity, every three weeks at Le Moulin
Price: material cost (clay)
Registration not required

Photos of our location in France

Location photo Le Moulin, France verranda
Location photo Le Moulin, France attic space
Le Moulin France in photo
Location photo Le Moulin, France courtyard right
Location photo Le Moulin, France picnic table
Location photo Le Moulin, France sunset
Location photo Le Moulin, France courtyard