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  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring) View here the images work of visual teacher of Sadhaka Patricia Benjamins. Johan Raaimakers is vegetarian cook at the Sadhaka summer weeks, teaches Tibetan Tantric Massages and courses at Sadhaka and has his own Tantra massage practice at home in Sint Oedenrode Marjolein Gerlag
Practice for body-oriented therapy and being a conscious woman. Ernestine van de Pol is Shamanic soundhealer, coach and trainer. She gives soundhealingen and the mindfulness and sound liberation course at Sadhaka Monique Sajet is a Biodanza facilitator and passionately provides biodanza courses at Sadhaka Chris Knibbe is a lecturer in Oriental Martial Arts, Taijiquan and Yoga and is a Shiatsu therapist and Pranic Healer. Partner Michelle Tarenskeen is a teacher in Hatha Yoga, Acro- and Kinderyoga, Pranic Healing, Dance & Movement. Together they provide individual Shiatsu massages at Sadhaka and offer the tai chi chuan, martial arts and shiatsu massage courses. Monique Schepers is a body and experiential therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, Equi coach and bon vivant. She would like to meet you in her courses at Sadhaka The Wise Woman in You (45+ only;) And breathe your way. Wilma van Tuyl is coach, stage animal and improviser pur sang. She teaches the course Playfulness Improvisation Theatre at Sadhaka Danielle Riegel is a tango teacher with a tango school in Amsterdam. She gives the tango dance course for beginners and the course for advanced at Sadhaka
Live and nutrition advice. Mike Verest is a nutritionist, health coach and author of OERnutrition and Gretta Martina is NLP Master, transformation coach and meditation teacher. they give the course Detox yoga week at Sadhaka in France Practice for Psychodynamic (hypno) therapy and Energetic Body work in Wijk at Duurstede Vegetarian cook, for large and small parties. Recommended! The Orang Malu Massage, data at Sadhaka, by masseuse and founder of the massage, Helen Lodder. The Heppie Massage, founder Helen Lodder. Aimed at children whose sensomotor integration does not function properly as in Autism, DCD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s, in Down syndrome and motor and intellectual disabilities. For sound bowl massages, – healing and meditation meetings in the Utrecht region. Sandra Pijl guides you creatively to more uniqueness in her workshops in Amsterdam. Yoga teacher jitske in Haarlem. The address for all your sculpture supplies. Wide range of stones. Regularly attractive offers. Wholesale in mosaic and coloured glass with a wide range. As a private individual you can order materials and tools via their website. Everything about mosaic in the Netherlands, from materials to workshops. The yoga school in Enschede by Patrick Ros, where Wim Molinello received his Raja yoga teacher training. Happinez audience= Sadhakapublic! Find our line and category ads. Yoga on ship in wageningen Everything about Osho.
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