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Chandra Nanda Dasi

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Teacher Chandra Patricia Benjamins

Chandra Nanda Dasi is a devoted tantrika who focuses her life on her personal awakening. Every soul searches its way back to the source. Each person has to go his own way, is unique, makes choices, experiences, falls and gets up again. Only through self-examination and introspection can we grow towards a life of freedom. To be part of a small part of your path to a broader consciousness means to her a privilege and a godsend.

After years of walking and researching the Tantra path with her former partner and Tantra teacher Wim Molinello, where the shakti and sensual woman slowly awoke in her, she decides in 2018 that it is time to vigorously put down her passion and personal path, to share and to actively propagate.
Chandra was trained by the Swedish Tantra therapist and Tantra facilitator Lin Holmquist as a Tantra therapist and initiated as a dakini in the sacred temple arts. She followed a Tantra massage master course at House of Tantra in Warsaw. Chandra now gives individual Tantra sessions in the Netherlands and France. She offers, among other things, Tantra massages as a means for personal and spiritual growth and healing, Joni mapping, (the armouring) massage and healing.

Together with Wim Molinello and Tantra masseur Johan Raaijmakers, she has been providing the Tantra Introduction Weekends and Deepening Weekends Prana and connection in the Netherlands and new: the Shiva-shakti weekend Secret sexuality. She is a hostess and, with Wim, facilitates the Sadhaka Tantra Festival in her course center France.

Initiator of Sadhaka, and devoted tantrika who focuses her life on her personal awakening.

Individual massage session

“Actually, I do nothing, except to be fully, consciously, lovingly and without judgment, present with you and moving with what is in the moment. There is no goal or plan. The body itself knows very well what it can handle and wants to let go. I act as a mirror, sounding board and catalyst to enter this process of letting go and trust with you. A sacred space where we tune in to the divine source that connects us. To bring that which is unconsciously present in you to consciousness. Healing through the body instead of through the head. Each session is different and unique. Together we can marvel at the language of the body, of what we have held for so long and no longer serves us, and the simplicity of letting go once it has been completely seen and felt. The intelligence that is stored in our cells and the wise knowledge that is present in all of us, if we only dare to trust and surrender. ”

Each session is always a unique experience, a journey of discovery in which your body always determines the direction, and your needs in the moment are followed with 100% attention. All in a safe setting, at Chandra’s practice in the middle of The Netherlands, a 15-minute drive from Arnhem.


For a massage session of 2,5 hours  180 € is charged.

Chandra was trained in 2018 by Lin Holmquist, tantra therapist, from Art of Love in Sweden.

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