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Johan Raaimakers

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Johan Raaimakers

Johan teaches two courses at Sadhaka in France, the Tibetan Tantra massage course and together with Silvia Elisa the Tantra & Shibari Experience course. Together they also give weekend and day courses in the Netherlands.

He organises the annual Tantra Yoga introductory weekend and the follow-up course Tantra, Prana and connection in the Netherlands together with Sadhaka teachers Wim Molinello and Chandra Patricia Benjamins.

Tantrisch masseur in the Tibetan Buddhist movement Kum Nye.

Since 2010 I follow several intensive massage courses that have led to the knowledge and experience of today. My main education is training as a Tantra masseur at Tantra Lotus in Breda. This is a Tibetan Buddhist training from the Kum Nye tradition, where a lot of attention is paid to practice (massage), theory (Dharma), yoga and meditation (Vipassana and Tenang). I have experienced the profound effect that a massage has on physical, emotional and mental well-being. Massage techniques like Sveda, Vedic and Prana Flow, and the integration of duo yoga techniques and meditative techniques into a treatment provide a stable basis for giving Tantristic sessions. I have gained extensive experience in giving massages and coaching and although all people, wishes and bodies are different, my intention is always the same: bringing balance.
I still follow courses and delve into Eastern and Tibetan traditions and visions.

I have gained experience at the Rasayana Tantra Academy in Rotterdam. I followed several courses of national and international teachers in various Tantra disciplines. I am also active outside the Netherlands and Europe. I regularly work as a guest body-worker at various events and I work closely with a colleague from Munich on various courses and training courses where “De Shift” is an annual highlight. Since 2016 I also give practical lessons in Tibetan Tantra massage supplemented with the necessary theory. My goal in these lessons is to let people experience what Tantra and the philosophy behind it is and how it feels. The Tibetan Tantra massage trilogy “Prana & Connection” and “The Playground of Prana” and the “Tantra & Shibari” workshops are good examples of this. Together with colleagues I also organise various weekend workshops with various themes in the spring and autumn.

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Students talk about Johan

I really loved the Tibetan Tantra Massage course in France. I have experienced Johan as a companion as an honest, grounded, loving, powerful and gentle at the same time: super fine. I’m very practical so I loved that we went straight to work. Staying at Sadhaka center made it all the way, an ideal combination I would say. (Wendy Doeleman)

Johan knows how to bring somebody a bit closer to some of the secrets of Tibetian Tantra. I am still overwhelmed from the love, the flow and the support and trust. I am impressed by the perfect way of teaching Johan has shown. There had been the wonderful manifestation of love and beauty, which we have seen during the demonstrations of Johan and princess Francis. (Alexander)

I thank Johan so much for spreading such beautiful, deep and loving knowledge that will enrich me for the rest of my life I feel already. I feel the Tibetan Tantra Massage cours at Sadhaka has had a huge influence on me and my way of being and flowing through life. Even more connected than before, to an abundant and endless source of love within. (Johan B)

Johan is able to connect with the other person in a powerful self-awareness and in a loving, equal but also inviting way. (Desire)