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Own tent

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

With your own tent at Sadhaka.

Come camping with your own tent. You will find your own step leak on the vast field of several hectares of Le Moulin. In the middle of the green nature, along the river, in a shade spot along the edge of the tree, or in the sun. There are several electricity points.

The nights are cool, and the temperature drops easily to between 10 to 15 degrees. So no hot nights.

Tip: Bring your hibernation bag, and find a place in the field where the morning sun warms your spot in the early morning.
During your course week at Sadhaka, enjoy the luxury of silence, exuberant green nature, clean air, and the galaxy at night as your compass.

Shared bathroom present

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