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  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)


We would like to offer an accessible entry price that makes Sadhaka affordable for more people – including the minimums.
Each year, our course prices grow slightly with inflation, with the 6 person room ice cream, which slightly increases the price difference with the other overnight options each year.

The multi-person room is the least popular and we only have six of them. There are many more people who want to come with a tent, and there is unlimited space on the vast campsite on the estate of Le Moulin. If the cheapest accommodation option is with its own tent, then the 6 person room is empty, and Sadhaka would have no possibility of existence 😉

Every course week, six people on a small budget can still enjoy an all in holiday at Sadhaka, with overnight accommodation in a mixed multi-person room.

The course amount as stated in the calendar and on the course page is the entry price based on multiple room. If you want to come with your own tent or caravan, rent a furnished tent or caravan from us or take a room for yourself or with other students, the prices are higher. The prices are all in, so includes a week’s stay, the course fee and three meals a day. Exclusive are transport, extra drinks and material costs in the creative courses (see for an indication of the material costs at the Kunstweek).
There is free coffee and tea all day long. For meals there is also orange juice, (soy) milk and sometimes kefir. This is included in the course amount. There is also a minibar where you can grab your own soft drinks, biosap, ice cream, granola bars, wine, beer, etc. for a small fee. The material costs and extra drinks will be settled with you at the end of the course week.

At Le Moulin you can’t bring a pet. You’re in a program, so you can’t adequately monitor your pet. If you are staying on the basis of a full board package, please contact us personally regarding your pet. Because of the existing live have on Le Moulin does not apply every pet, and we also allow pets very limited.

Depending, of course, on what you are going to make, you can take into account between € 10,- and € 60, – in material costs (creative). In the yoga courses and Massage course there are no material costs.

The art studio and yoga room are professionally equipped. You don’t have to bring anything yourself. However, if you like to sit on your own yoga pillow, or have your own brushes, sculpture chisels that you work pleasantly with, then of course you can take them with you. If you want an object or furniture from home like mosaics, or do you have a canvas or sculpture at home that you would like to work with, please bring it with you. If you want to make a stained glass window for a specific spot, make sure you measure the extreme interior of your window at home.

In the registration form we ask about your health and your meditation/yoga experience. If you have mental health problems (depression, burnout) and/or taking medications that flatten your emotional life in the period of or shortly prior to the course, then the tantra Yoga course is not the right one for you for the moment. If you have (had) any physical complaints, please inform us so that the yoga teacher can take them into account in his classes.

60 to 70% are female, 30 to 40% male. The average age is between 25 and 45 years, but of course also 25- and 45+.

10 to 15% come from Belgium, 85 to 90% come from the Netherlands.

These are of course averages, each group is unique in its color and composition. At Sadhaka we experience that age and other differences disappear. There’s a great sense of togetherness.

70% of students at Sadhaka come alone. There will also be people with girlfriend, friend, family or partner. Do you find it exciting to travel alone or arrive alone? Travel with other students! That’s 3 x as cozy and also saves the environment.

If you want to go on holiday with someone, but one wants to do one course and the other doesn’t, there is the full board package for those who don’t want to take part in a course. Even if you want to stick to your course for a week, so a full board stay without a course, then our full board package is an ideal outcome.

There is WI-Fi access. We are an organization with group holidays and you will come to a Centre for Awareness and Personal Growth. We therefore invite you to limit internet and telephone use to the minimum necessary during your stay. What a space for attention, peace and freedom!

Sadhaka’s programmed courses are aimed at adults. There are no babysitting facilities or children’s programmes. Children up to the age of 4 can stay for free. From the age of 5, the full board fee is charged for the full board stay. What does happen is that one of the parents takes a course and the other is careful, or that both parents participate in a course and care for the child/children. For young families, this is an ideal construction. The parents therefore remain responsible for their own children. If your child also wants to participate in the course and is he/she old enough for it (in consultation), then we charge the regular course price. You remain responsible for your own child, the instructor will guide your child as a student.

Give your food diet at your reservation and report it personally to the cook on the first day, then he/she will take that into account, and something will be made for you separately.

There is no smoking in and around the buildings, and on the terrace. A separate place has been designated as a smoking area outside. On the campsite you can smoke at your own place (bring a closed jar to store your cigarette butts, due to the risk of fire in the summer!).

On arrival (between 16:00 and 18:00) you will be received by Chandra and Wim. You’ll be shown around and pointed to your place to sleep. Until dinner you have time to settle down, and catch up on the terrace while enjoying a drink and quietly get acquainted with your fellow students. Around 19:00 there is a hot meal. For people who arrive later, the food is warmed up again.
After the meal there is an introductory speech by Wim and Chandra and (if everyone is there) a group introduction follows.

The swimming lake is a natural water basin (20 m. in diameter) with clean bathing water. The clay soil makes the water look a bit brown. It is located on the terrace with views over the fields, in the middle of nature and quiet. It certainly does not fall dry and the water usually has a pleasant temperature. There is a strip of meadow on the waterline where there are a number of beach chairs and umbrellas and it is good to stay. From there you can easily walk into the water, with or not with an air bed or canoe from Sadhaka that are ready for general use.

The domain of Le Moulin is surrounded by a small rippling river through which you can walk over the rocky bottom.

You can recreate naked around the bathing water, at the sauna and on the campsite, of course in respect with others. Not in and around the buildings and not in sight of the public road.

You register using the registration form in the menu. Here you list your details and make a choice in the course, date and location. We usually email you back within 24 and/or contact you by phone to be able to explain one person and answer your questions in person. That makes your booking a bit more personal and familiar.
We will send you a confirmation of registration with an account number that you will have to make a deposit on within 5 days. That’s how your application is final. If the deposit is not made within 2 weeks, the place will automatically be released for new registrations.

By sending the registration form, you get the option of a username and password for the Sadhaka forum so that you can start arranging your trip.

A week before the start of the course you will receive an e-mail from us with the latest information regarding your trip and arrival at Sadhaka.

We always try to answer the mail within 24 hours. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that an e-mail disappears. In other things, you will send the e-mail, but we will not receive it. If you haven’t received a reply after about 2 or 3 working days, please send us the email again or contact us by phone.

You can come to us by your own car, train and by hitchhiking with another student. On the website there is a travel forum where you can indicate that you are looking for a lift, offers, or someone to travel with on the train. Click here for all recent travel info.

You will automatically be sent a username and password when you sign up for a course at Le Moulin. This allows you to log into the forum. Have you lost your unique password? Request a new one yourself by clicking on password forgotten in the login form on the forum. Fill in your username and email address, and a new password will be sent directly to you. Be sure to enter the same email address you correspond with Sadhaka.

You must provide cancellation and travel insurance yourself. This is not included in the course.

The summer courses at The Le Moulin Location have never been cancelled due to insufficient registrations. On the contrary, some courses are booked months in advance, and unfortunately we have to sell people no who are still looking for a nice holiday destination. You can then be placed on a reserve list. In the event of a student’s cancellation, the free seat goes to the first person on the reserve list. If there is a cancellation by Sadhaka because a teacher becomes ill, for example, you will be refunded 100% of your registration fee.

Yes, you can always cancel without giving a reason. It doesn’t matter if you cancel six months in advance or a day in advance. Your deposit amount will be charged as an administration fee. So tip: don’t deposit more than the booking fee.
If you break off the course prematurely after paying the entire course amount, we will not refund in any case. Your place is booked and reserved for you.

If you have your own tent or caravan on the campsite, you can extend a stay by one or more days on a stand-alone basis or on a full board basis(click here for prices). The course weeks in the summer at Le Moulin are usually fully booked, so there is no room in a room for students who want to extend their course week by a few days. If there is still room, you can book a course week on site, or only a full board stay without a course.

There are campsites, hotels and chambres d’hotes in Eguzon and in Gargilesse, a 10 to 15 minute drive from the Le Moulin course site, if you want to stay in the area for a few extra days.

The Sadhaka caravan is 2 meters wide by 6 meters long. In the caravan is a one and a half bed (1.40 m.) with a good bed mattress. The bed is made with bedding and bed linen. Towels should be brought with you. There is a wardrobe and a seating area. There’s lighting and an electricity point.

You can charge your electronic devices, such as cameras, mobile phones and laptops, for free in the location. So you don’t have to shut down special electricity on the campsite for this.

The Sadhaka tents are large two-person dome tents. You can rent these alone or just the two of you. The tents have one spacious double sleeping cabin. There is a spacious walk-in area for your luggage and where there is a folding table and a chair. You can stand in the middle part of the tent (1.80 high).

In the cabin is a bed mattress on a wooden slatted base. The bed is made with bedding and bed linen and there is a reading light. Towels should be brought with you. There’s electricity in the tent.