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  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Read the terms and conditions of your stay carefully and fill out the form below to confirm your spot in the Sadhaka summer team.


Thanks for signing up as a member of our summer team at the Sadhaka center this summer. We are happy to welcome you and looking forward to an inspiring time together!

As a full member of the summer team you dedicate your time and expertice for an inspiring stay for our guests.

We love a fair energy exchange! We offer free stay at the camp site, high standard vegetarian meals, shared evening activities*, free use of sauna* and possibilities for co-creation*.

If you can bring your own tent/van great! If not possible, book a tent or caravan with us if you need one by ticking the box on the page below and let us know by whatsapp, thank you! (ask our special rates for team members).

We look forward to an inspiring and pleasant co-creation together!

See you this summer and in the meanwhile stay well and stay happy!

The Sadhaka team
Chandra Benjamins & Wim Molinello

Information and agreements for your stay and activities at the Sadhaka Venue.
1. Expenses
1.1 The team member is responsible for administration and tax for monetary compensation received from participants for activities carried out on the venue.
1.2 The team member stays on the camp site, free board and lodging.
1.3 Private sessions offered to guest and team members: add 10 % extra to your price, which you pay as a service fee to the association at the end of your stay at the office.
2. Insurance and accidents
2.1 The organization has no insurance on behalf of the team member.
2.2 Sadhaka is not liable for the personal consequences of any illness or accident occurred during the stay. The team member has a health and risk insurance. Travel insurance may serve this purpose.
2.3 We ask you kindly to do a deposit of 50 € to be transfered to the account of Sadhaka. It serves as a deposit and for registration as a member of the organization, which Sadhaka is insured against any damage caused by you in / on / around the buildings and you can legally stay and work for the organization. This deposit you get back at the end of your stay in cash at the office, so please don’t forget! When cancelling before or during your stay, the deposit will not be transferred but noted as a cancellation fee. By signing you agree to this policy.
Association Sadak France: IBAN: FR76 1950 6400 0000 0618 7018 626; BIC: AGRIFRPP895 on name of Association Sadak W. Molinello in France, with as only reference: your lastname-Team2024.
2.4 The organization does not provide travel expenses.
3. Nature of the agreement
3.1 This agreement is not a contract of employment within the meaning of the Civil Code.
3.2 The team member is aware of the fact that, on the basis of this contract is not insured for the consequences of illness, disability and unemployment.
3.3 The relationship between the organization and the team member is not an employment relationship within the meaning of the Extraordinary Decree on Labour.
4. Terms and resolutive conditions
4.1 The contract is concluded for a certain time period.
4.2 The parties may terminate the contract by mutual agreement in the following ways:
4.3 Sadhaka can decide, previous to your stay or during the period, decide to terminate the agreement, because of cancelling of the course (which consequently there is no work). The deposit is then refunded to you. If during the course(s) problems occur in co-operation / performance of the work Sadhaka may decide on an early termination of the agreed period. We search in each case to a satisfactory solution for cost of the remaining stay and the deposit.
4.4 In case of cancelling due to illness, etc., please sent a message to Chandra ASAP in Whatsapp at +31651343572 (Netherlands). In case of cancelling or early termination during the stay: The deposit will not be refunded but charged as a cancellation fee. However, if you can offer a good replacement for your role, then the deposit will be refunded.
5. Guests at Sadhaka
5.1 Friends and family of team members can stay at Sadhaka’s centre on the basis of three packages:
1. Independent stay on the camping area. € 20 – for a tent and € 25, – per day per caravan.
2. Full board arrangement at Sadhaka. The host eats with the group at a 25% discount on the full board package price incl. participation in the sun salutation before breakfast and evening activities. Arrival date preferably equal with participants. Stay in a room, Sadhaka tent or caravan is also possible, see prices on the website.
* Stay in the accommodation of the relevant team has no impact on the full board price.
3. As a participant in a course. There is no discount on the course fee for guests of team members.
6. Extra notes:
6.1 Until 10 am there is silence. For functional communication team members talk silently in the office/team space. From 11.30 pm on there is silence on the campsite and in and around the buildings.
6.2 No use of drug or plant medicine during your stay. No use of alcohol before or during your performances. Also in your own free time you are member of Sadhaka, please minimize your alcohol consumption. In some weeks alcoholic drinks are available at a small charge, own consumption is not allowed.

Fill out the form below to book your spot in the Sadhaka summer team

  • Who can we contact in case of an emergency?
  • * Please sent a Whatsapp message to Chandra +31(0)651343572 if you cannot bring your own tent/van, thank you. **Use of electricity at the camping site is free. *** In high season it is generally not possible to reserve a (bed in a) room in advance, but only on the spot as long as there is availability.
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Bank transfer

With your deposit of 50 € you confirm your stay.
Account holder: Association Sadak, W. Molinello in France
IBAN: FR76 1950 6400 0000 0618 7018 626
Reference/subject: your last name-team2024.
This deposit is a bail. Refund is only possible at the end of your stay at the office in cash, so don’t forget*!
The bail serves as a deposit and for registration as a member of the organization, which insures the organisation against any damage caused by you in / on / around the buildings and you can stay legally at our premises.

*When cancelling before or during your stay, the deposit will not be transferred but noted as a cancellation fee. By signing you agree to this policy.