Founder of Sadhaka and a dedicated teacher in the art of yoga, tantra and meditation.

"From a deep feeling of dedication and my yoga background I accompany every individual in my courses to open themselves on a physical, energetic, mental and emotional level. In this way, a course is a unique experience that you can take with you in your own life with joy and love to share with others".


Are you ready to be shaken up?
In the workshops with Wim Molinello you will find yourself dancing and laughing and celebrating life. His way of teaching is refreshingly playful and humorous. He gets you out of your comfort zone, you learn to experience your limits towards total freedom and allowing yourself to come home in your own tempel. Sometimes you see yourself confronted, but after a tear there is always a smile like never before. With his broad knowledge in the field of Raja yoga and Tantra yoga Wim uses a variety of exercises and techniques to support you on your spiritual path to self-realization.

Wim Molinello is an experienced Hatha and Raja yoga teacher (B.K.S. Iyengar-style, 4-year training at De Yogaschool in Enschede), Sivananda yoga teacher, Tantra facilitator and a second Dan karate instructor. As avid India goer he regularly stayed for a longer periods in temples, ashrams and monasteries.
In the past 10 years he has developed by means of trainings and courses more and more in the direction of Tantra yoga.
He has great affinity with Zen, OSHO, Hare Krishna and Buddhism. He also has experience with the Vip-asana retreat.

Wim currently provides the following courses: Tantra Yoga courses, Tantra meets Kama Sutra with his life partner Chandra Benjamins,  the hatha Yoga classes in the Sadhaka Combination weeks, the Sadhaka Yoga festival, and the Sadhaka Tantra festival in France and the Sadhaka Yoga weekend courses and Tantra Yoga weekend courses in the Netherlands.

With his Tibetan singing bowls and crystals he gives concerts, healings and meditations.

In 2011, Wim developed and released  4 active meditations on CD (Zen, Bhakti karma, Surya Namaskar and Aum mantra).

With his life partner Patricia Chandra Benjamins, art teacher, tantra yoga practitioner, he gives Tantra Yoga courses throughout the year.

A student tells about Wim

Experiencing Wim during a Tantra yoga week is an unprecedented experience. Not only for his profound knowledge of the subject but above all for his extremely respectful attitude towards the students. Respect is Wim's attitude to life. His creativity, playfulness and profound involvement make Tantra yoga a wonderful interhuman celebration without equal. Wim is able to confront without judgment or opinion from the here and now without going into confrontation, he merely reflects. He is extremely vulnerable in his open-mindedness, he is extremely powerful in his sincere interest in the other.

Frans Kragten, student Tantra week 2015