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Zenon D. Dorje

  • Ruim 15 jaar ervaring
  • Aantrekkelijke prijzen
  • Prachtige plek middenin de natuur
  • Duurzaam verblijf
  • Goede faciliteiten (zwemvijver, sauna, water uit natuurlijke bron)
Zenon D. Dorje

Zenon D. Dorje is a Tantric yogi, an adept of Himalayan traditional path. He has been following the path of Zen and Tibetan Tantra for several years. Finished multiple solitary meditation retreats, including retreats in the darkness.

For the past ten years his work was focused on discovering internal structures hidden in the human body, which was given the name ”Underground”. During that period he developed methods of their liberation and transformation. He is also the author of the Four Pillars of Tantra system, a fast path of liberation from the global matrix.

Zenon D. Dorje is a Tantra facilitator and founder of House of Tantra in Warsaw, Poland

Teaching in House of Tantra, he specialises in meditation and sacred sexuality work. He facilitates workshops related to the Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, and offers individual sessions containing tantric methods and temple arts. He follows the path of spiritual liberation and empowerment for every living being.

With the House of Tantra, Zenon created a space for transmission, organizing sacred sexuality workshops and retreats, like:

  • Phoenix Rising
  • Embracing The Underground
  • Entering the Cosmic Body
  • Holistic Tantric massage master program
  • Tantric temple ritual “Summoning the Dragon”.

House of Tantra is following the path of love and freedom, based on developing pure vision of whole interconnected reality.
House of Tantra is a part of new paradigm vision. The new paradigm concept is about healing and empowerment of human kind.
It is about awakening life energy in each individual and in whole society. With recognition that our sexual energy as universal life force is a greatest fountain of individual empowerment.

At Sadhaka festival Zenon D.Dorje will introduce the House of Tantra program of individual empowerment. He will offer the initiation to Four Pilar of Tantra system, a fast path of freedom from the global matrix. Also during the festival, House of Tantra will create the space for tantric rituals like Yoni and Lingam puja.

For more information about their activities in Warsaw and The Netherlands:http://houseoftantra.org/

tantra zenon d dorje

tantra zenon d dorje

tantra zenon d dorje

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