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Jo Hardy

  • Ruim 15 jaar ervaring
  • Aantrekkelijke prijzen
  • Prachtige plek middenin de natuur
  • Duurzaam verblijf
  • Goede faciliteiten (zwemvijver, sauna, water uit natuurlijke bron)

Jo Hardy is  a conscious dance facilitator and accredited to teach 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Open Floor.

Exploring what truly facilitates lasting transformation is my passion and has led me to study many perspectives, philosophies and modalities of transformational work.

Since 2004, I have been a Conscious Dance facilitator. I am an accredited teacher of 5 Rhythms (Waves and Heartbeat), Open Floor (teacher and Therapy in Motion) and Movement Medicine and love each of these practices. I was a staff, faculty teacher, and mentor for The School of Movement Medicine (2009 – 2020). I have been deeply inspired and influenced by many years of studying Amerta Movement with Suprapto Suryodarmo. Over the years I have taught workshops in many places including China, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and hold a weekly community dance space in Totnes, UK where I live.

I held a private practice of Contemplative Psychotherapy, Body Psychotherapy (Biosynthesis) and supervision, for 20 years and was a senior trainer on an MA program in Core Process Psychotherapy at the The Karuna Institute for 12 years. In 2009 I let go of my psychotherapy practice and revisioned my 1:1 work to include embodiment and movement more fully. I currently offer Transformational Coaching and supervision in an integrative, embodied, process oriented, psych-spiritual approach. Informed by gestalt, mindfulness, a depth understanding of embodied trauma and somatic resourcing.

My work is also deeply informed by study with Thomas Hubl around collective and ancestral trauma and healing, Joanna Macy, involvement with Transition Towns Movement, sociocracy and a well honed body of wisdom about the process of personal and collective transformation.

As I gather years on Planet Earth, what matters to me most is the joy and profound healing of movement and dance, and its potential to profoundly enhance presence, embodiment and relatedness.


“We have known Jo for many years and recognise in her a truly beautiful blend born of her many years of dedicated practice and enquiry. She is wise, funny and a truly unique dancer with a heart of gold and the uncompromising intelligence to match. Jo has been an elder of the School of Movement Medicine since 2007. We value the particular wisdom and depth that Jo brings linking the personal, archetypal, and the collective. She’s a force of nature who will stay with you wherever your journey leads.” – Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan – Directors of The School of Movement Medicine

“I feel so grateful for the classes and the depth of the space you held on the recent online 6 week course. I’m guessing that it reflects the extensive experience you’ve accrued along your path. I appreciate the time you have taken to map out the classes, create the videos talks and create a course that felt balanced, rich and flowing. I have more of a sense of hope going forward and of clarity about what being resourced actually is. The practices you shared feel intuitively aligned and I get the sense that they are going to help feed me and stabilize my core after an extremely rocky two years. Thank you for sharing the gift of your heart and woven life wisdom with me, with us. I feel very blessed and look forward to embarking on the next journey you offer” – participent in online 6 week

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ….. Jo certainly knows how to guide a boat in the midst of a storm. …. I want to acknowledge your wisdom, guts, humanity, experience and normality that brings so much wealth to these explorations – you are a true mistress in the marrying of every day experience and deep spiritual diving. I love your fierce commitment, presented again in such a simple way, to the collective and community.”
Rosie – Movement Medicine teacher

“Jo holds such a deep safe space. It is rare that I come across anyone willing to do that; holding a nurturing space for thirty people to dive in together and yet each have their own journey, and still feel enough spaciousness in which they can support one another is phenomenal. What a gift you bring to the world. It was magical watching the transformation of some of those I was with unfold and blossom before my eyes.”
Steph – Writer, Poet, Story Teller

“Over the past six years My life has been changed and enriched by this conscious dance. I love the realness, humility, humour and honesty that Jo brings to the space. This gives such permission to bring all of me. Its rare to experience such a deep sense of being welcomed over and over for who I am with complete acceptance and no judgement” – Cliona – Open Floor Teacher, Gestalt Counsellor

“Jo is an outstanding 5 Rhythms teacher. Her work is rapturously received wherever she goes. She has 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and group facilitator.    She is passionate about creating a space where the unique dance of each person can blossom and is known for her inspired and wide choice of music.” – Malcolm – Psychotherapist, Writer

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