We welcome you to Sadhaka, Yoga, Tantra and Creative courses. A leader of Dutch yoga and creative holidays in France since 2004. During summer, we offer 6 consecutive weeks of varied training programs at our beautiful place Le Moulin. The location is situated in the green heart of France in Europe in the middle of nature next to an idyllic swimming lake.

We are excited to offer several retreats delivered in English: The Sadhaka Yoga Festival, The Sadhaka Tantra Festival, Photography course, Pranic Healing and Shiatsu Massage Certified training, Ten Chi Nin Yoga course, Tantra Yoga course, Tantra Shibari experience, Tantra meets Kama Sutra and the Tibetan Tantra Massage course.

Sadhaka hopes to inspire your spiritual development, and support you in opening to the Divine. We provide a unique experience that you can look back on with a smile for years to come.

Through our travel forum you can easily find other students heading for Sadhaka, and travel together. Twice as nice while saving the environment and your travel expenses.