Ilaria Rubei a conscious community leader, a holistic healer and a conscious relationship mentor

Ilaria Rubei is an Italian lightworker living in Paris for 10 years, where she serves as a conscious community leader, a holistic healer and a conscious relationship mentor.
The calling of her Soul back home has been the leitmotiv of her life, leading her through pretty unbelievable experiences: 16 years years ago when she was 25, in the darkest phase of her life, she has been blessed with the first experience of instantaneous spiritual awakening, a satori. For two days she saw herself, others and life from the Soul standpoint, reaching the overview of the true self, as if the veil of illusion, of separation, unworthiness and powerlessness was falling apart, leaving just the evidence of Truth.
Here is where her journey officially began; since then, she has never stopped devoting all of her energy, time, willingness, to the embodiment of the true nature of the Self, processing and healing her own pain body as well as the collective feminine pain body.

What she shares today is not much about what she studied, though she has followed a number of trainings (relationship coaching training, civilization upgraders training with Bentinho Massaro, Non Violent communication trainings, Cacao Practitioners' training with Keith Wilson, Reiki, Theta Healing).
What she shares is what she has become and she has learnt through the experience of meeting herself, her wounds, her limited beliefs, her unconscious behaviours with PRESENCE and unbreakable aim to bring it all into Light of the Consciousness that we are, and in so doing aligning to Love.
Relationships and the healing of the feminine have been the main topic of her life, the place that provided the most intense pain and in which the most growth and healing have taken place. It's what her Soul simply chose to experience in this life: to live relationships through the awareness of who we really are, overcoming separation from ourselves, from all that we are, within, and from others. And to match this intention, she has gone through a lot in order to learn and then support others on the journey. This is the base from which she is able to support others.
Her deepest heart calling: to heal and to support in the healing of the apparent separation between masculin and feminine, between light and shadow, between humanness and divine.
This is the breath of her life.

Ilaria facilitates Women Circles during Full Moon and New Moon,
She works with the Spirit of Cacao, organizing weekly ceremonies and shamanic journeys,
She animates Conscious Relationships workshops in France and Holland,
She is an intuitive healer, and Reiki Master Teacher.


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She leads workshops circles and ceremonies while channeling from her heart a broader prospective, with a wisdom and an innocence that come from deep experience and wonder for Life's magic. She has the Sight, and is supported by the ascended masters and many light beings in her mission. If you feel called to a session of self-inquiry,
needing guidance to connect to yourself and others in profound ways, go visit this urban healer, witch, energy master for a groupe or a private session.

Sometimes you have this kind of encounter that, like a shooting star, crosses your path at an unexpected moment ..
Ilaria it is this star who managed to bring me so much light and to light my way.
I started with a workshop that she proposed and woman's circle during the new moon and here I am embarked to travel to each of her workshops, inside myself, with her ..
Each workshop is special, allows us to connect to our emotions and bring keys essential to our personal fulfillment.
Ilaria know how to listen, with experience and without judgment, and guide us to the best of ourselves with this energy, sensitivity and humility so special.