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  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Yoga course Sadhaka

Yoga is holistic, it’s a way of life

“The yogi who practices all the main currents of yoga with fire will surely achieve his goal.”
Yoga is holistic. It is a way of life, in which all aspects of life are integrated. As long as you are in the body you have to maintain it, you want to calm your mind and experience unification with the highest.

Find yourself dancing and smiling celebrating life in Sadhaka’s beautiful yoga room. The hatha yoga classes given by Raja yoga teacher Wim Molinello are refreshingly playful, spicy and humorous. They are focused on spiritual growth. You are invited to open up and develop on a physical, energetic, mental and emotional level. He teaches you to experience your limits to total freedom and lets you come home within yourself.

Our Yoga Courses

From day one, everything fell off me. Big kudos to the team. Delicious food, the wise lessons of Wim in yoga, Chandra for her patience, love and inspiration during crea, until next year!


Come out of your head in your heart and feel: this is me

Wim traditionally starts his yoga classes with a Dharma talk. They are about all aspects of life, seen in the light of yoga. Wims talks are always unique. He never prepares them, but lets the words come as they should come, attuned to the people and energy of that moment. They therefore always touch, sometimes in a sudden personal understanding, in confirmation or resistance.
When warming up with motion expression to music, you release into your body and the energy starts to flow (as Osho said “Throw out all the craziness”).

The Hatha yoga classes are spicy and dynamic. You’re coming out of your head back into your body. Raja Yoga teacher Wim Molinello teaches you not to look at your neighbor, or follow a teacher, but to feel. Learn to listen to your own body and be loving to yourself. You are the creator of your own universe. He gives you back control of your body, actions and reactions. You become responsible for your own life. What a step! What a transformation. How valuable! Wim offers a variety of Zen meditations that end his lessons in peace.

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Yoga in pictures

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Yoga meditation Sadhaka
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