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Yoga training

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Yoga course Sadhaka

Trainings, courses and workshops by Sadhaka

Do you want to take a unique yoga training that affects every aspect of your life? Then you take a course at Sadhaka! You can contact us for training courses both at home and abroad. Why is Sadhaka’s yoga training so special? We’ll tell you more about it below, but you’re also welcome to register for our course in the Netherlands or France and discover it for yourself!

Yoga by Sadhaka is more than just a course

We know from experience that yoga is more than just a training, or course. It affects all aspects of your life. After all, yoga is holistic. In addition to a way to keep the body in good condition through movement, it also brings your mind to rest and you will experience unification with the highest. At a yoga training session by Sadhaka we celebrate life smiling and dancing. You can visit one of our beautiful locations at home and abroad. Would you like to spend a week in the beautiful nature of France during the summer, and become one with yourself during our yoga training? You can easily book online!

Yoga training

Our Yoga Courses

Yoga training abroad

At Sadhaka we organize yoga trainings in the beautiful French nature. Our location in France is called Le Moulin. Students have the opportunity to reserve a room there, or to use the campsite. Le Moulin is located in a great environment. For example, you can swim in a clean lake. You can also use luxury amenities, such as the sauna. But the most important thing, of course, are the spaces in which we practice yoga. In good weather we do this outside as much as possible, but at Le Moulin you will also find three spacious, light training rooms. Chandra Patricia Benjamins and Wim Molinello will provide the workshops. Come all the way to yourself during our yoga training in France!

From day one, everything fell off me. Big kudos to the team. Delicious food, the wise lessons of Wim in yoga, Chandra for her patience, love and inspiration during crea, until next year!


Combining yoga with other activities

During the yoga course at Sadhaka, you will start making connections, both with yourself and with the people around you. This is done naturally through yoga, but also through other activities. During a combi week you combine a yoga training with meditation, various activities in the field of creativity (e.g. painting), tantra yoga and learn to massage. So you (re)find the connection with yourself in a unique way. Do you want to enjoy the beautiful French nature even longer after the yoga training? That’s possible! For this we offer a full board stay at our campsite.

Why Sadhaka is so special

When you are part of the yoga training in France by Sadhaka, you can count on more than a relaxing holiday! Our workshops are entirely focused on awareness, self-development and personal growth. As an individual, you are an important part of a larger whole. Your contribution really matters. We have over 15 years of experience in giving yoga training, and know exactly how to give our large-scale workshops a personal touch. This way you will go back to the Netherlands with a wonderful holiday feeling, but above all with a feeling of satisfaction. At Sadhaka you can count on:

  • Courses in a beautiful location, in the middle of a great nature reserve, located both at home and abroad
  • Very attractive prices
  • Excellent facilities that you can make full use of
  • Various accommodation options such as a (multi-person) holiday home and a campsite
  • Good, personal guidance

Yoga in pictures

Yoga exercise hands up
Yoga exercises together
Tantra lying around person
Yoga meditation Sadhaka
Yoga with singing bowl inside

Booking for a yoga workout

If you would like to participate in a yoga training by Sadhaka in the Netherlands or France, sign up via the registration form on the site. You can also call 06-51343572 or send a message via Do you have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to call or email, or leave a message via the contact form here on the site. We hope to welcome you to our yoga training soon!