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  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Forum Instructions

The Sadhaka travel forum step by step.


Click the button above to go directly to the Sadhaka travel forum, or enter the following in the address bar:

Click “Login” and enter your username and password (you’ll get it as soon as you’ve signed up for a Sadhaka course) and click “Login.”

If you have filled in the correct information, you will now have access to the travel forum.

Course dates

In the forum under ‘index’ you will find the overview of all courses, and you can see at a glance how many calls and comments have been posted per course.

View, post, or respond to a message

Click on a course to get an overview of the messages.
Click on new topic to make your own call.
Click on a message to read it. You can then respond directly by clicking ‘Answers’

By clicking “Subscribe to this topic” all student comments on your post will automatically appear in your mailbox. This way you can safely contact them to make further appointments.

Watch out! Never place your phone number, full names, or email addresses in the forum to get in touch with each other.

Note: If you arrive at Sadhaka not for one week but several weeks, under the first course you place a call for a lift for the way out, and under the last course a call for your return trip. Then make it clear that it is a one-way ticket!

Change message

Change your posts by clicking on that message and clicking “Edit.”

Delete messages

You can’t delete your own posts. After the summer, Sadhaka emptied the forum.

View and change profile, post photo, and change password

Click “Profile,” and then click “Edit Profile.” Change your own information here or create a new password. Click on ‘Profile Picture’ to place your own photo with your profile via Gravatar.

Other questions or don’t you come out?

Maybe your answer is in question and answer or send an email to

An open and warm house. Another inspiring holiday, which for my feeling was surrounded by love and warmth. Just like you.