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Tanya Rozenthal

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Tanya Rosethal

Tanya loves to share her gifts as space holder and facilitator of deep process work. Being a sexual shamanic practitioner and an embodiment alchemist, she brings rich fusion of experience in Sacred Eros, Tantra, ancestral medicine, shamanic shadow work, trauma healing, sexological bodywork, Kundalini Awakening and sexual integration, working with both individuals and groups. 

Tanya blends wisdom and humour, art and science, depth and lightness, touch and movement, Temple rituals and aliveness in her work together. 

She has a deep passion for human expression, the medicine of archetypes, sexual wholeness, community and ecology of Love. In her work she is dedicated to support the others in their exploration and integration of messy magic of life.

Tanya has a background in musicology, literature, transpersonal psychology, developmental neuro-affective psychology, eastern mysticism, sexual shamanism, yoga and meditation and body-focused psychotherapeutic modalities. 

Tanya is devoted to her own heart expanding journey. She is grounded, creative and committed to authentic human expression. She works in her home city Amsterdam and around the world, facilitating events and intensives in Europe, UK and further. 

Her desire is to re-unite Eros and Spirit together, human love and community back to the origins, heal the fractured relationship with our own human nature and rebuild a thriving relationship with our home, mother Earth.  

More about Tanya:


Tanya Rozenthal is a sjamanic sexuality coach

What other participants are saying about Tanya’s work: 

David 69: “Wow what a journey we went on! And I’m still on it. I feel better in myself and have lost some weight. But most of all I have been having some beautiful highly vivid dreams, something that was so rare before…This has brought with it a new confidence in myself, a groundedness in me that reassures me that I do belong here, that I have love to give and that I am loved.

For me the greatest discovery was the generations of ancestors rooting for me. I have felt maybe two or three generations before but a line of ancestors so long who know that loving Nature and loving each other is the only way. That blew me away!! It has given me the strongest foundation that I could ever hope for and the most beautiful connection with the universe. I no longer need to doubt myself. We are love.” 


Martine 34: “This workshop gave me a possibility to integrate places of my sexuality were I was holding back by lack of self love and life experiences.
I ‘ve been led by Tanya with love, humour, passion and patience. Before every exercise there was a time where we were speaking about our boundaries. This was very important part for me which created fully transparency and feeling really safe.”


Robert 47: “Tanya manage so set and hold an amazing space in which awareness and learning about yourself naturally flows without any effort. With her workshop in only two days she manage to connect you with gifts from your own source that really can transform your life. No work, no effort, just with being open and participate with the playful fun exercises. The energy of the space will help you open up and just receive.”


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