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Susanne Quartel

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

With expertise in awareness, self-realization, shamanism and tantra/sacred sexuality, I help women in my practice in Arnhem. I work therapeutically, energetically, intuitively and above all in the moment. I firmly believe in the power of simplicity and my working method is coordinated, goal-oriented and no-nonsense.

In addition to the Social Work & Services training and the Holistic Energetic Therapist training, I have (and I still follow) all kinds of training and courses in the Netherlands and abroad. About 5 years ago I stopped my regular job within the Youth Protection Gelderland to fully focus on my shamanistic and tantric path. More than 12 years of experience in youth care, supplemented with my own life experiences and many travels, have formed me into a grounded, no-nonsense and expert therapist and teacher.

Tantra for me is striving for perfect balance, the awakening of individual consciousness. In 2011 I first came into contact with tantra in a shamanic journey. I was immediately positively triggered and proactive to start my tantric journey. 11 years later I have been inspired and trained by various tantra teachers abroad. And I think I have succeeded very well in converting these very old tantric teachings into more western teachings such as tantric way of life, tantra yoga and sacred sexuality.

In the summer of 2022 Susanne will offer private women’s sessions at Sadhaka (pelvic release and yoni massage). Together with Johan Raaimakers she facilitates the retreat “The wheel of sacred sexuality”. She is part of the teacher team during the Sadhaka Tantra Festival.

Art of Touch Festiva 31st July to 7th  August 2022

Touch and be touched, that is the essence of my healing workshops. In a safe setting I will take you on a tantric massage journey in which you can completely relax, in surrender and trust. We work in the flow of Prana to experience the divine energies.

During my workshops the whole body will be massaged (depending on the day incl. yoni and lingam) and marma points (pressure points similar to acupuncture points) are stimulated. The different tantra massages that I give work on the entire energy system. The goal is to wake up and release the energy, so that the energy (Prana) can flow through again completely. The massage activates the self-healing ability and the energy that is released acts as a catalyst to release waste products, traumas and blockages. Your body automatically knows what it needs to do to return to its original state. Techniques I use are from the classic oriental massage and the firm deep tissue massage. We combine this with flowing and rhythmic flow movements from ayurvedic and tantric teachings. I also use energy work, energetic healing, pulsing and rocking.


Back in your body

My mission is to allow you to fully re-enter your body so that you can experience what may be felt in the moment, with the knowledge that all experiences are stored in all your tissues.

Tantra massage is an energetic healing method that also pays attention to sexual energy. Sexual energy in this therapeutic form can transform you because it has the tremendous power to reach all levels of your system. I use this energy to shape my holistic approach.

A tantra massage is vulnerable, so I am careful, and careful in my teaching. Through tantra I help you to focus your attention inwards and find the divine in yourself. I invite you to let go of the tension with which we control our sexual energy and life energy. And instead to feel, to meet, to recognize and to embrace.

My attention will be on ensure safety in the group because without safety no contact, without contact no intimacy, without intimacy no love, without love no sexuality and without love and sexuality…no orgasmic cosmic life!

Workshop offer during the festival to choose from:
– Pelvic massage, with yoni & lingam touch
– Healing Yoni & Lingam massage
– Tantra massage
– Cosmic massage (incl yoni & lingam) for pleasure
– Sjamanic element massage (air – water – fire – earth)