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Silvia Elisa

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Silvia Elisa

Silvia Elisa focuses on Natural Bliss. Natural Bliss is a natural state of being, the moment your head stops thinking and your body and feeling take over. Sometimes we forget how much fun and relaxation intimacy or free movement can bring us. Because we let other priorities go first, we may be temporarily unable to connect with our relationship or ourselves.

Tantrisch masseur, Shibari healer and coach

I organize events where you start looking at yourself or each other differently. This allows you to separate yourself from what is allowed and not allowed or what it should ‘look like’.

  • What would it be like to live out your fantasy?
  • What’s hidden in your shadow side?
  • What is your deepest desire?
  • What happens when you step outside your comfort zone in a new experience?
  • What are the possibilities to connect more deeply?

In Natural Bliss, my passion for freedom in sexuality and my passion for deepening in consciousness come together. I believe that consciousness and sexuality belong together. By freeing yourself from your conditioning, taboos and shame, you can connect more deeply with yourself.

From international management studies to an Ashram in Thailand, a sacred mountain in India and yoga in Mexico… My journey of discovery is endless. I have done several courses in healing such as chakra therapy, massages and coaching. I have worked in business for many years as a coach in customer-oriented communication. My freedom in sexuality and freedom in movement is a common thread in my life.

I have explored in many different ways the freedom in sexuality, freedom of movement and awareness and above all experienced it, from tantra to kinky, martial arts and dance, it is an infinite journey with beautiful but often also confronting experiences. In connection with ourselves and others we find intimacy, discovering boundaries, personal growth, how can we give and receive, trust, our self-image and self-confidence. There’s so much to discover and I like to do it together.

For more information about Silvia and her activities in the Netherlands, please visit:

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