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Samuel Letellier

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Samuel Letellier is contemporary dancer and facilitator, and Feldenkrais teacher

Samuel Letellier has had an international career touring as a contemporary dancer and teacher in many countries including Japan and China. He trained in ballet from 9 years old, contemporary dance, Feldenkrais and  is currently studying osteopathy.

Since 2009 he has practiced as a Feldenkrais teacher in Spain, France, Germany and Holland. He delights in teaching the Feldenkrais method in its pure essence, finding it to be a wonderful and powerful tool to enhance depth awareness. He offers weekly Feldenkrais classes, individual sessions on the massage table and weekend courses. He also teaches and offers sessions in many theater and dance schools and at festivals and trainings.

Currently he is returning to the creation of dance pieces and reconnecting to the poetic dimensions that dance brings him. Having developed a depth sense of bodily sensitivity and intuition through both dance and Feldenkrais he is delighting in the knowledge his study of osteopathy is bringing, as well as evolving his work as a somatic coach.

During the Summer Dance Retreat Samuel will offer :

  • Feldenkrais and somatic movement
    Deep dive somatic explorations into the jaw and pelvic floor that will enhance bodily connectedness and relaxation into a sense of aliveness.
    The jaw: An exploration of the whole articular context of the jaw and the internal space of the mouth leading to a dance free of tension in the neck and shoulders … arms to fly, wings to dance.
    The pelvic floor: To be with oneself in this intimate and powerful zone… from the perineum and the internal space of the lower pelvis, we will connect with our dance more rooted than ever… To know our legs in their flexibility, sensuality and their incredible strength.
  • Couples Dance
    Inspired by some of the principles of Contact Improvisation we will take a journey into the landscape of moving with another as a couple. We will discover the timeless pleasure of dancing with another, how the other’s body reflects my body, and just how much we can learn from our differences.
  • Bodywork
    Drawing on the tools of Feldenkrais and osteopathy, Samuel will offer skilful, subtle guidance that invites observation, deep listening and somatic manipulation. Concepts of negative pressure and the importance of our internal orientation when we play, will be important ingredients in this exploration.