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Juan López

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Juan is an emotional therapist, personal coach, sound healer, Dj of Ecstatic dance and teacher of meditation. His passion is to mix meditation, awareness and sound.

During the Sadhaka Tantra Festival he will offer a workshop called SelfHealing, which is about how to understand, identify and change your believe system, thoughts, traumas and old patterns, opening yourself to touch traumas and emotions, learning how to hold yourself in the process, becoming more aware about the process and healing path using different techniques.
Apart from this he will offer a sound journey where he uses meditation and different instruments as crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, shamanic drum, flute, handpan and more, to create a vibrational journey.

Also he wil bring some dynamics with music and dance in the eveneing with a set of ecstatic dance.

Juan offers the following private sessions at the Festival:

+ Personal Coaching
+ Emotional and Energetic Release Therapy
+ Vibrational Therapy

More about Juan:

At the age of 21 years old I initiated a path of adventure and exploration where my awakening began through discovering meditation, later yoga and medicinal plants.

In the following years I traveled the world, visiting and learning from other cultures.

During this time in Asia, specifically in India, I did differents training in meditation, sound healing and yoga nidra.
I began my practice with kundalini yoga and began to investigate the emotions and the root of suffering, nurturing myself from wise cultures.
After 7 years, I continue on this path.

Recently I have done more training as a holistic personal coach and holistic psychology, keeping myself practicing and learning new things all the time.
As a musitian I love to merge the power of frequencies with altered states of consciusness using differents techniques.
As a energetic healer I love to be present and open for be able to channel what the moment requires.

All because I feel strongly the mission of contribuite with the world, with what I am, trying to remmember and be awere about my responsability of service and channeling for the universe.

It’s a real honor for me can support people on this path, remmembering, coaching, creating transformational experiences and holding spaces.
That is why I want to share with you this journey of self-discovery, which continues to lead me towards continuous growth, greater understanding, as well as a greater connection with the internal and the external, which make me live freer, happier and fuller.

With love
Juan López