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Harrison and Alisa Yum

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Harrison and Alisa run a tantric community in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.In their center they have all kinds of offerings from weekly sex magic/active meditations to day long intimacy intensives to 4 hour tantric initiations and 4 day tantric evolutions. Summer 2022 they travel through Europe to teach!

They are passionate about intimacy, pattern recognition/shadow work, masculine/feminine, sex magic and active meditations.

What you can expect from them:

What Harrison and Alisa bring is an inside look into what’s possible in a relationship. Unconditional support, brotherhood, sisterhood, fierce polarity, deep love, unconditional care. Their relationship will inspire you to want more and their facilitation will show you how to become ready to receive it!

Sessions/workshops :
• Love Hooks – discovering our patterns in relationships
• Masculine Feminine – gaining a deeper understanding of the two energies and learning how to bring them more into our life through embodiment
• Sex Magic Breath Work – partner breathing exercise where we receive a gift from our partner and manifest it in our life
• Reparenting – healing childhood wounds by becoming our own divine masculine and feminine

Alisa Yum

Licensed psychologist, sex and relationship coach and tantric facilitator.

After years of studying and focussing on the cognitive aspect of healing processes, she felt something missing in her work. Her experience in psychology and psychotherapy, both as a therapist and a patient herself, gave her all the tools to promote healing for the mind, but never the body or the soul.

She fell in love with Tantra, because it allowed her to release stored emotions, trauma and energy in the body. Tantra also helped her connect to spirit and find her authentic and divine self. Now, she wants others to experience what she did and combines psychology and embodiment work to help others free themselves as she did.

Harrison Yum

Tantric facilitator, self-hypnosis facilitator, international speaker and health transformation entrepreneur.

His tantric path started after he sold his first business in 2015 and then went traveling the world. From the outside everything looked great, he had money, success, freedom, and love. On the inside he always felt like there was something missing and it was a feeling he couldn’t shake.

He started down the spiritual path. As he ascended he found peace, but at the cost of the fun in his life. It wasn’t until he discovered tantra did he learn to combine the divine and the human animal to find his path to ecstasy. After deep diving into tantra and doing training after training he now facilitates tantra workshops with his partner Alisa to help others remove their programming and find their path to ecstasy.