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Frank Schulpen & Monique Blom

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Frank Schulpen & Monique Blom

Frank Schulpen is trained as a trainer and coach and specialized in meaning, relationship coaching and Shamanic workshops.

Monique Blom has been active since 2005 as Rebalancing emotional body worker and spiritual coach with a relentless passion for this profession.

Together Monique and Frank founded Seedz for life, centre for spiritual and body awareness in the Netherlands. There they like to offer others the gifts they have received themselves in relation to shamanism and sacred sexuality.
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We help you to let the life energy flow (again) by connecting body, feeling and spirituality

From Frank’s background in and knowledge of Western psychology and therapy, he delved into other sources of wisdom: Buddhist philosophy and meditation, Tantra and Shamanic rituals about death, rebirth and sacred sexuality. He trained at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) level 1 and 2, and the training Shamanic Sexual Medicine Bag.
He sees life as a journey, a constant journey of discovery into energy, space and consciousness. A journey that never ends, because travel is moving and moving is the essence of existence.
Frank Schulpen is also a manager at large government organizations, with a heart for the growth and development of the organization and its people.
He often works with his partner Monique Blom.
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Individual session to book with Frank during the festival:
Bio-release session: a safe space for you, just by holding and nurturing, going deep into your body to feel everything that wants to be felt.
Spiritual counseling: Ask the questions about issues you want to understand, about yourself and your relationships, and get answers from the wisdom of the ancient spiritual schools.

Monique experiences the body as so pure, so real, and all emotions as so alive and human. Her greatest quality lies in listening and mirroring to bring you home in yourself.

During the last few years she followed several training courses in different schools of tantra (from both Western and Eastern traditions) and at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) where she did level 1 and 2 and the Shamanic Sexual Medicine Bag.

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Individual session to be booked
at Monique during the festival:
Rebalancing emotional bodywork & spiritual coaching: a journey deep within yourself, in your body and soul. Touch, breathing and movement are part of the session to release emotional patterns that are stuck in the body.

Tantra frank monique

tantra frank monique

Tantra frank monique

tantra frank monique

Some of the topics and workshops that Monique and Frank will provide during the Sadhaka Tantra festival are:

• Desires and boundaries, a practical workshop about outspeaking your desires while keeping your boundaries.

• The 4 voices, about integrating the consiousnes of the head, the heart, the belly and the sex from a Sjamanic point of view.

• The 7 tools, a powerful workshop about energy and emotional release.

• Be present, rituals for being fully in the moment.

• The 3 levels of consciousness, experiencing your personal level, your transpersonal level and the void.

• The vulnerability of men, a circle for men and women. Sharing your vulnerabilities about sex and manhood, you are being safely held by the presence of the women.

• Dying and rebirthing of the heart, a powerful sjamanic ritual. How does it feel to kill someone, and be killed, as an act of pure love?

• Worshipping the yoni, the most sacret spot of female wisdom.

• The temple of energies, experiencing the masculine energies, the femine energies, the light energies and the dark energies. You have them all.

• Self pleasuring, you yourself are your greatest lover.

• Energetic penetration, arouse and share sexual energy on a pure energetic level.

• A newborn baby, rebirthing by using your sexual energy.