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Franc Duking.

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)
Tantra & Tango

Franc is an inspiring Tango teacher with a trained eye for what people need to connect more deeply. His passion is to stimulate presence and liveliness in the contact between people. He does this by promoting Mindful Tango, among other things. Franc has been teaching tango for over 20 years, in a way that touches on more conscious living, mindfulness and tantra. He enjoys helping beginners discover the richness of Argentine tango. The challenge for him is to release the natural relaxed movement for each individual. He also likes to guide advanced dancers in this. He is enthusiastic about the uniqueness and beauty of the connection within each dance couple.

Franc Duking is Tango leraar met ruim 20 jaar les ervaring

“During my first Argentine tango lesson I was immediately captivated by the game with the contact to the beautiful music. At the time I was also delving into more conscious living, mindfulness and tantra; the parallels with learning to dance tango were immediately tangible for me. For example, the challenge of staying together in the now. To allow the next step to arise together again in the moment, from the body, from the connection. To rest in yourself while you are in connection and movement with another. ”
“Tango is a dance with four legs, two souls and one heart”

Until tango!

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Tantra & Tango

Tantra & Tango


Mindful tango is about being able to stay in your own center, in connection with someone else. About enjoying together and playing relaxed with the connection. To achieve this we first make you more aware of your own body to a relaxed connection between belly, heart and head. It is not about the steps it is about alignment from the heart in the moment…. Dance experience is not necessary.
Franc uses the Tango as a wonderful way to sink deeper into your Being. Finding attunement from the heart, in the now. The game of lead and follow can give you an experience of deepening the polarity and sensuality in your relationships.
One of the nicest things in tango dancing is also the exchange in the roles of leader and follower. Leading is about directing your masculine energy with a clear intention, inviting your follower without being coercive or hesitant. Following from your feminine energy is learning to dance in active surrender. It can be an enrichment to experience both roles in yourself,
Because the dance comes directly from your body, learning tango touches deeper life themes and desires in everyone. In his workshop, Franc touches on essences such as presence and balance, connection and grounding, clear intention versus surrender, improvisation and freedom, polarity, musicality. It invites you to rest within yourself, to move from the purity of the prana energy.