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Christina Pelzer

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Christina has a Master in Sociology and a degree as a Systemic Couple & Family Therapist. Her passion feeds topics of Relating, Partnership, Sexuality, Spirituality, Love & Truth. This drives her to be fully authentic and in real contact with her body, soul and spirit in order to BE. She has a deeply loving and strongly grounded energy which assists her in supporting others to drop illusions and connect to the truth of who and what they are. She supports with a compassionate heart, authenticity and openness on the path to truely feeling connection.

Besides of facilitating international workshops and seminars she works mainly with clients near Munich, Germany, or where ever she travels since 2007. She meets clients with heart connected conversations, classical tools from therapy, constellation work, Bodywork & Sacred Sexual Healing, Meditation & own experiences. She journeys with them in their transformation of life situations und unfolding their potential on all levels.

I support, encourag and walk with you, looking for blockages or more capacity of your potential around EMBODYMENT, Relating, Love, Sexuality, Consciousness, Spirituality and HEALING. In order to grow as a BEING we need to recognise, understand, except, embrace, surrender, follow, move towards! I assist you to recognize what is happening in the HERE & NOW to feel, to accept what is. Therefore you can invite transfomation and renewal in your Life which includes JOY, PEACE and LOVE. Life often challenged me, pushed me to edges: seperation, living in different countries, again and again starting new connections & letting go. The waves of my life were tremendously intense and they have confronted & connected me with the whole spectrum of emotions, feeling, boundaries and believes. It will be an honor to support you on your path to EXPANSION & LIBERATION. The “sacred space” I hold for you allows you to feel deeply into what is there & connect with your hearts longing, shows you how you react in old pattern & how let them go, in order to learn & open up for new possibilities & actions. In working with me, you will understand, experience and recognize through practical exercises, how the new way of relating with each other feels. Through my support you can integrate this into your daily life or in your partnership, or relationships to others, or to attract a connection, which corresponds more to your personal needs. I work one on one, with couples and with groups.

COMMENTS from clients

“Finale I could feel my body in the most intense sensational way and that is an amazing sensation.”
– L. from München

“Recieving is my biggest challenge and when I did, I was getting goosebumps all over. So much LOVE, no expectations, no judgement … this was soooo good!”
– S & G from München

“It is so wonderfull and magical what is possible to experience through your space!”
– A from Starnberg

“Christinas work is really good! Her direct and clear way of creating contact, connection and touch and honouring boundaries is genial. Her aliveness, her absolute presence as a woman, her expertise, her experience and knowledge is amazing and inspiring.”
– M from München

“I didn’t know that it is possible to feel like this. A complete new experience!”
– J.K.

“In the work with Christina I connected the very first time to myself!”
– B. from

“In the session so much finally moved & I could feel and sense so much … now I feel much lighter, clearer and alive then ever bevor!”
– J. from London