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Christian Reich & Kristina Molotnikova

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Christian and Kristina have been a couple since 2019. They are both on the path of tantra, personal development, yoga, shamanism, and dancing. They love to explore their inner spaces, enjoy the magic of life and to gain a better understanding about existence and the universe.

Based on their own personal transformation and what they have been learning as a couple, they share workshops, ceremonies and retreats with singles and couples in the field of tantra, sensuality, conscious touch and shamanism. They work with cocoa and fire to create magical moments and a safe space for connection and inner growth.

It is their vision to create a world of love, self-responsibility, freedom and peace where people live in a deeper connection with nature. Where spirituality and materialism are in balance. Where the energy between the feminine and masculine is healed and has overcome judging and fighting each other.

For us tantra is a path of self-exploration. It is about integrating „shadows”, connection to our true selves and to the world around, about love and acceptance.

About purifying body, mind, and emotions to become more open for life, pleasure, and love. 

In our workshops we connect the old ancient wisdom with modern techniques such as NLP, neurology etc. 

It’s our vision to create a world of love, self-responsibility, freedom and peace where people live in a deeper connection with nature

About Christian

He has been supporting transformation processes as a professional trainer and coach for over 14 years. His own transformation has led him to a wide variety of teachings and techniques. In addition to scientific approaches from quantum physics, neurology, Epigenetics, as well as NLP, he also applies methods from ancient knowledge, such as yoga, tantra, and shamanism.

This combination enables him to give each person the individual tools for a self-empowered life. The focus of his work is always experience.

Therefore, he focuses on formative experiences and creates magic moments that show you: You too can live a joyful and enjoyable life.

He offers workshops and retreats both on his own and together with his partner Kristina Molotnikova. He also offers 1:1 sessions (coaching & bodywork) in Germany and all over Europe. His work focuses on areas such as Conscious Touch, Emotion Work (awareness and expression), Sexuality and Conscious Relationship.

About Kristina

Kristina is a Gestalt therapist, body worker and shamanic coach.

She creates online and offline spaces for women supporting them to reconnect to their inner power, (body)wisdom and to heal their sexuality and relations through releasing trauma, shame, guilt, and stored emotions.

For over 20 years she has been exploring her inner depths through shamanic healing, ceremonies, tantra, meditation, yoga, coaching and gestalt therapy, to liberate herself from blockages and to open herself to a deeper level of life, intimacy, and love.

In her workshops and 1:1 sessions she combines the different techniques and tools of shamanism, tantra, emotional awareness, bodywork with her sensitive intuition and creates magic spaces of deep transformation.

She would lead you to how to connect more to your body and to feel more familiar with it, how to create more awareness for yourself and how to deliberate yourself from old patterns and difficult emotions for more acceptance and self-love.

With her partner Christian Reich she offers workshops focused on Emotional Awareness, Sexuality and Conscious relationship.