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Tantra holiday

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Holiday full of discoveries

A tantra holiday in which you really discover yourself, you come into contact with your own body and with others, and in which you rebalance your life. Does that sound like the holiday to you? Then book with Sadhaka! We offer a unique tantra holiday abroad, full of workshops, courses and activities, given by instructors with years of experience. Can we welcome you to France in the summer?

What is tantra?

The literal meaning of tantra is expansion, broadening or broadening, and is based on an age-old Indian philosophy. In the West, however, tantra has been given a new look. Each trainer interprets tantra in its own way. Moreover, it can have a different effect on you. However, the essence remains the same: it is all about the energy of life, the prana. It flows through your body and makes your life deeper, fuller and richer. During the tantra holiday you will learn to balance the chakras. While practicing tantra you are confronted with your emotions, desires and fears. Tantra is fierce, but also offers a lot of support. When you participate in Sadhaka’s tantra courses, you learn to love yourself unconditionally, be more open to others and reject taboos.

Tantra vakantie

Various tantra workshops and activities

At Sadhaka you can go for a tantra holiday in France, but also in your own country. Here we organize various activities dedicated to tantra. For example, we organize the ‘all you can meet – combiweek’, in which you start working with a combination of tantra and yoga, meditation, massage and creative activities such as painting. You can also participate in our tantra festival abroad, where you will spend 7 days working on tantra, find yourself and find yourself in the here and now. These are just two examples of the types of tantra holidays that you can follow with us. The full range of courses can be found here on the site.

A surprise, pushing and discovering boundaries every day. People at their best. Dare to be open again!


Tantra holidays abroad

For more than 15 years Sadhaka has been organising the tantra holiday abroad, but you can also go to tantra workshops in your own country. In France we organize the holidays at our beautiful location called Le Moulin. It is located in the middle of French nature. You have the opportunity to make use of our luxurious amenities, including a sauna and beautiful swimming pond. We prefer to give the lessons outside, but your Le Moulin also has three nice, light training rooms. Do you want to enjoy Le Moulin even longer after the workshops? Then we offer you a full board stay! Quickly book a place to sleep in one of our accommodations or on site.

On tantra holiday with Sadhaka

What makes Sadhaka’s tantra holiday so special? It’s a truly unique experience. We work on a large scale, but there is still room for a personal touch. We focus on awareness, self-development and personal growth. When you come home from France, besides a holiday feeling, you also have a feeling of satisfaction. You are an important part of a whole, and you have reconnected with your body, emotions and with others. During the tantra holiday abroad, you can also count on:

  • Wide choice in terms of accommodation, such as (multi-person) holiday accommodations and a nature campsite
  • Personal guidance from experienced teachers
  • Luxury facilities and a beautiful swimming pond
  • Training at home and abroad
  • Very attractive prices

Tantra in pictures

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Tantra holiday reservation

Do you want to celebrate your holiday at Sadhaka in France, or in your own country? Then book quickly, before we’re full! This can be done via the registration form here on the site. But you can also call 06-51343572 or send an email to Do you have any questions? Even then you can always call us, e-mail us or fill out the contact form. We’d love to see you back on tantra holidays at Sadhaka!