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Tibetan Tantra massage course

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Tibetan Tantra massage course


The art of Tantric touch

Tantra masseurs Johan Raaimakers and Susanne Quartel take you on a journey into Tibetan Tantra massage. This week course takes place at the beautiful venue Le Moulin of the Sadhaka course center in the heart of France. Through the Tantra Prana Flow Massage and various other types of massage as the 5 Elements Massage and the Kama Marma Massage you experience the power of prana. Through prana you can connect with yourself and others on a deep profound energetic level. Meet yourself and others in an in-depth week training where you explore your boundaries in a safe setting supported by dedicated and professional facilitators.

Prana and connection

This Tantra massage course is given from the perspective of Tibetan Buddhism. The guiding principle is always the Prana. This week you will learn how to generate this Prana through various massage techniques. There are aspects of an ancient Sweda massage, Vedic massage, Kashmir massage, duo yoga and meditative massage. All these separate parts eventually come together in a complete Tantric massage session.

In addition to the techniques and knowledge, the course also provides you with new experiences of the self and deep insights, because personal processes can also be initiated by doing and feeling both while giving and receiving…. That is also the power of Prana.

Experience Prana

Tantra masseur Johan can tell a lot about the content and effects of a Tantric massage or lessons, but it is better to experience it yourself. Very important in the course are the four pillars on which the vision rests, namely: 1) trust 2) surrender 3) equality 4) aimlessness. These four pillars stand firmly on a bed of Prana (life energy) which is what the Tibetan Tantra is all about. If Prana is present as the highest energy in our body, it will also be leading. Because Prana is a neutral energy, we can experience it as such. The massage classes have a lasting effect on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and bring the necessary peace and balance to experience everything we do more consciously.


The lessons build up to at the end of the week being able to give a complete Tantra massage session to bring home with you and share professionally or privately. You learn what Prana is, how we generate it, how it feels and why Prana is so important. This is done in pairs, alternating between receiving and giving. Johan does a demo with his partnerso you can see the massage and the techniques. Then he leads you step by step to offer the massage to a partner (and switch from giver to receiver). At the beginning of each class there will in most cases be an active or passive meditation, dance or yoga practice. They bring more awareness, which is necessary for a deeper experience.

Due to the international interest in this training, the training will be offered bilingually, in Dutch and English.


Day scedule

Arrival day: from 16.00 – 19.00 arrival, settling down, dinner, introduction and information, the Sadhaka name game.
1st course day: Start with the back of the body with the specific massage techniques of the upper back. In the afternoon the lower back is discussed.
2nd course day: Repetition of the previous day, plus extension of the techniques. The afternoon is all about mixing the energy.
3rd course day: Massage of the front of the body: chest, head, abdomen, pelvis and legs. You learn different positions and possibilities that relate to the front. The afternoon will also be devoted to the front, where various options and techniques will be presented.
4th course day: The 5 rhythm dance to generate energy, after which you experience and give the 5 elements massage. Free afternoon with time to explore the area, sunbathe or swim.
5th course day: Relaxed start with duo yoga. There follows a repetition of how to induce Prana and all the techniques learned, plus some new positions and techniques for turning the receiver around. The afternoon will be devoted to duo yoga techniques and positions on the back and front, legs and arms.
6th course day: All ambiguities and more difficult positions are repeated so that you can work on a complete session that you perform in the afternoon. In the afternoon you give and receive a complete massage session of at least 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The week will be closed as a group on the final evening with Ecstatic dance.
Departure day: Breakfast, goodbye and departure until 10 am, or stay another week and join the Massage Festival Art of Touch!


Daily time table
09.45 – 10.15 Joint dayopening

10.15 – 12.45 Tantra massage course (6 mornings)

15.00 – 17.30 Tantra massage course (5 afternoons)

21.00 evening activity (optional)

Soft and deep exchanges, creatively using your body to get out of the external, into the body and very lovingly making contact at all energy levels in the now…


Who is this training for? What you need to know.

The week is suitable for people with experience in Tantra or other bodywork and those with a decent level of open-mindedness and self-knowledge of your own emotional body. The course is intended for everyone, man or woman of any sexual preference, couples or casual couples, young or old, married or in love. You can register as a couple, occasional couple or individually. Having a suitable partner or opportunity partner is nice but not necessary. You can choose to massage with the same partner for the week or perhaps to change your (practice) partner. In the case of individual registration, an intake interview will first take place. In the course we can daily see who you work with. We strive for an equal balance between women and men, but you also need to be able to open for experiencing an exercise with someone of your own gender.

In Tantra massage, both the giver and the receiver are naked. However, it is not a requirement and each one is responsible for his or her boundaries and to be respectful of the boundaries of another. If being naked is a ‘no go’ for you, it might be better to get over this fear first.

The lessons have a lasting effect for everyone and are experienced as very valuable. Tantra is an individual path that is mirrored or reinforced in contact with another. 1+1=3.
The Tibetan Tantra teaches you to see the equality with the other, and to ask questions such as how can you receive and/or give, are you a follower or an initiator, do you take responsibility in a touch or do you quickly let someone else take over? Where are your boundaries where you lock the energy?
You must be open and inquisitive, willing to examine what is required to surrender within yourself and be able to hold a container of loving safety and acceptance for others. You should feel comfortable to literally and figuratively expose yourself and a willingness to be open and vulnerable. All these topics can be discussed in a safe setting.

Upon registration we ask you to fill out a form to getto know your background experience. For questions or ambiguities about participation please call Johan +31 (0) 629064111 or send an email. Due to the international participation, the course week will be deliverd in both English and Dutch.


Experiences of participants befor you

We stepped in quite innocent, starting from a feeling that we wanted to learn some Trantic massage techniques. What I experienced this week was far more than I ever had expected. So much abundant love, I even didn’t know that it existed, nor that I would have considered it’s impact on me, on us, on the family, on Amsterdam, on even the Universe I suppose. So I thank you Johan from the bottom of my heart for everything you shared, the absolute save environment you created and all your love towards everyone around us. (Heleen)

I Thank Johan and Francis for the beautiful week and the bondage you designed between all of us, going with the flow of the moment and creating a perfect balance between learning, fun and checking boundaries… (Steven)

Johans Tibetan Tantra massage course is magic in all aspects, it’s highly informative but also from the heart and goes as it should be in Tantrical way, with the flow and without a strict program. You are creative and a king in bonding the group. You create a safe environment for everyone to find their own boundaries and possibilities. It felt very upright, it felt warm and loving, it felt alive and vibrant. (Frank)

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Tibetan Tantra massage course
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Photos Tibetan Massage Course
Photos Tibetan Massage Course
International Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga restorative retreat spell
Photos Tibetan Massage Course
Photos Tibetan Massage Course

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