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Shakti Bliss & Power Week

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)


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    • Price per person based on 2 person rooms € € 745,- p.p. all
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    Shakti Bliss & Power Week

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    It’s sister time!

    A pampering week, a growth week, a transformative week, a playing week, a soft week, a super strong boost week, A SHAKTIWEEK!

    Dance with the male and female energy in you…
    Flirt with the yin and the yang, the shadow and the light…
    Play with mother earth and her 4 elements…
    Sing with the primal woman in you…
    Cradle with your inner child…
    Listen to your ancestors…
    Move with your inner life stream…
    Feed your inspiration, imagination and creative power…
    Celebrate your womanhood!

    Befriend your emotions, sexuality, natural cycles and your sensuality

    Sometimes focused and direct and sometimes playful and indirect we give our femininity the space to relax and reveal, moving more and more towards our authentic self, increasingly free and limitless.

    In our yoni and womb we store emotions, memories, unconscious conditionings and beliefs about sexuality and womanhood of ourselves and others or from the environment, which prevent us from feeling full of women.

    We create a safe space in which you can land in your pelvic area and your femininity and where you can feel more love for your body. You will gain insight into your beliefs that keep you from following your natural flow and being satisfied with yourself.

    Do you feel that you want to follow your heart more than let your head determine your life and choices? Do you dare to open your heart to yourself and to others? Is there much to stop you from reopening to your loved ones? How can we better expose, research, comfort and nourish our fragile hearts than in a loving environment with like-minded sisters! Together we do this much better and faster. With abandon and trust, our forces joined together, which allow us to rise far beyond ourselves.

    We look at pain pieces and look for the light. In the shadow we find what has had no space and wants to show itself. The gold we seek is hidden in the dark, and when we turn the light of our consciousness on these suppressed pieces, it is transformed into hefty power that makes our life energy flow more.

    What does it mean to be a woman? That’s a nice self-examination to take a closer look at, so that Greatness can shine through it.

    Will you allow yourself this? Sacrifice is in our DNA, but this karma has hatched our grandmothers enough. Now is the time to believe in ourselves. Discover what your true gift to the world is and gain the strength to carry this gift with dignity.

    Know that this growth is not only for yourself, but also for the generations before and after us, for all the men and women in this world, for all living beings, for the earth as a whole.

    What do we offer?

    This week is like a wave. We descend into our dark depths and open ourselves to what may be seen. Trauma work is discussed with yoni and uterine healing. Now we can allow ourselves to be the little girl again, the victim or the drama queen. But from our presence without losing ourselves, so that actual healing can take place.
    Then we go to the flowering phase where we are able to speak to our forces and discover more and more what it actually means to be a woman. From there we come back to earth and cherish our new treasures to enter the world with this new state of self-awareness.

    In addition to more therapeutic work, both individually, in the group and in couples, creativity is also used, such as body painting, intuitive working with clay, (making your own joni print), singing mantras, etc.

    The programme

    Ingredients box from which Saarein and Chandra draw:

    • Exercising in setting boundaries and saying no, dealing with expectations, what does it mean to act out of unconditionality
    • Pelvic floor stress release
    • Healing women’s line
    • Yoni time : yoni healing sessions, yoni reading, womb healing, yoni steam, yoni egg exercises
    • Theory lesson on female sexuality and orgasms
    • Theory lesson on the female cycle
    • Sexual healing
    • Body and feminine empowerment
    • Massages: Moonpoint, breasts, shakti
    • Cocoa ceremony
    • Women puja
    • Tantric dance to awaken the male/female archetypes in us


    8.00 – 8.45 wake up shakti yoga
    8.45 – 9.45 breakfast
    10.00-12.30 workshop
    12.30-13.30 lunch
    15.30-17.30 workshop
    18.00-19.00 dinner
    20.00 – 21.30 evening programme

    Spread over the week there is once a wake up, afternoon and evening without program.


    Dance, sing, laugh, share, and feel… This is ME!

    Who is this retreat for?

    For anyone who defines themselves as a woman;-) and feels the need to pay attention to her womanhood. You are mentally in good health, you can carry yourself and have space to share, heal and have fun!

    When you sign up, we ask you to answer the following questions in the registration form:

    • What are your expectations? What do you hope to get out of this week?
    • Are you familiar with body work?
    • Do you have experience of being naked in a group?
    • Do you use medications that affect your mental and emotional condition?
    • Do you have any mental health problems?
    • Have you been a victim of sexual abuse?
    • Do you agree if Saarein or Chandra contacts you?
    • Phone number:

    Course dates

      Book your accommodation

      • Price per person based on 2 person rooms € € 745,- p.p. all


      Chandra Nanda Dasi
      Tantra therapist and visual teacher
      During the Tantra festivals and trainings I attended and organized, in which on one day the men followed a women separated from each other their own workshops, it surprised and overwhelmed me time and time again, the power of sisterhood. The work of women, connecting with our femininity, physically and energetically, with each other, in ourselves and with our ancestors. I wondered, “if the field can be put down and felt so strongly in one day, how will a whole week with women be??”. Now, when I tune in to that, I feel the energy flowing into my body, I feel joy, life force and creativity, 100,000 cells inside me vibrating, springing up and all calling YES in unison. Do you feel it? Are you curious, too? Do you also feel like experiencing and celebrating our womanhood together in all her fullness? Are you ready to join us in this adventure and this journey of discovery? AHE!

      Saarein Bodewes
      Alternative Psychotherapist, Yoga teacher and (Tantric) body worker
      During my travels I have thoroughly enjoyed the deep contact that binds women in other cultures. I was cherished without suspicion and entered into the community. And that’s simply because being a woman connects us and in my opinion the uterus plays a big role in that. I love the contact with women when you connect from the depths of the womb. Just somewhere on the train, on a birthday or with your soulstress you’ve known for so long, in deep connection with the other. I can then be touched by an intensely fulfilled feeling. There is plenty to do to open our wombs, yonis and hearts and at the same time we are also completely good as we are. Paradoxical, huh? Here logic is far to be sought and we descend to the magical and dark depths of womanhood that connect us to the earth, each other and the universe. I am very much looking forward to this Shakti week to do with confidence, love and surrender what is necessary, to shine as we really are.

      Lot Fish
      Tantra masseur and breath therapist
      As a spaceholder and personal companion, Lot Vis is there for you during the lessons. She has a practice in Leusden for Tantra massage and breathing, and a broad experience in body-oriented work and guiding people in inner processes.

      Lilian Bow
      The magical Shakti in the kitchen is Lilian Strik


      The Shakti weekend takes place on a wonderful, atmospheric and spacious course location 30 minutes drive north of Zwolle.
      You will be assigned to a two person room. And we probably have our own room available for everyone! Each bed has a pillow and duvet and is equipped with a protective cover for the mattress. Bedding can be rented a € 10,- per set or bring yourself. Also bring your own bath towels. There is shared plumbing.
      We ask everyone to take on a small cleaning task during the week.


      Price per person € 745,- p.p. all in based on 2 person rooms.

      Is this week calling on you to participate, but isn’t it financially possible? We have 4 spots for minimums. If you want to claim a place for € 660,- all in based on 4 person room please send us a motivation with the registration. We will then discuss whether you can participate in this beautiful minimum prize.

      The price is all-in, so for the 6 nights, all vegetarian meals, with as much fresh and organic products as possible, tea and fruit during the day and healthy snacks, all the lessons plus necessary materials.


      You can register for this week by clicking here and filling out the form and sending the questionnaire above. You will then receive a confirmation back and a request for a deposit. If the deposit is transferred, you are assured of your place.

      Ready for Sisterhood?

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