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Sadhaka Tantric New Year retreat

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Sadhaka Tantric New Year retreat

Combiweek Creative / Yoga / Tantra

Inner fireworks

This time requires a powerful light. We deliberately let go of what no longer nourishes and serves us. Together we set strong intentions. Together the energies combine in a high frequency, to enter the new year powerfully, with love, confidence and an open heart.

The days are filled with a joint daily practice, with self time, delicious healthy food, cosy by the fire, connecting with nature and ourselves and each other, with sauna, fire and cacoa ceremony. There is room for co-creation and a private input into the program. Expect strong physical exercises, rich inner work, massage, tantra and meditation, mantra chanting, global healing meditations and sharing circles. Find out more about yourself and your true ability to live in freedom and share in joy of life.

Photos Course Yoga and Meditation

Gain clarity and insight into what this new age demands of you.
You have two choices: evolve or repeat. It’s time to evolve! It’s time to get up together. To remember your unique essence. To live fully. To bind you to your heart. To honor your body as a temple. Claim your strength and beauty, live the mystery of humanity, remember your soul destiny, trust and surrender to authenticity and innate wisdom.
In a beautiful setting, in silence far away from the inhabited world, just at your Sadhaka in the heart of France.

Combiweek Tantra

Sadhaka inspires you to develop creatively and spiritually. A unique experience that you can think of with a smile for a long time to come.

Chandra and Wim

Some reactions from participants who took a course at Sadhaka

This is without a doubt the most beautiful gift I ever made to myself. Thanks for the numerous tips, both in yoga/meditation and in creative. I’ll take them and carry them in my heart this week. Delphine

Something in me said, “This is where I want to go.” The words: peace, loving, warmth, gaining experiences and sharing appealed to me. It exceeds all my expectations, especially to be among so many loving and beautiful people for a week!! I have been able to look deep into myself and I feel light and happy. (Anonymous)

For whom

Old Sadhaka goers and their introducées, who want to connect in a Tantric setting.

Photo impression

Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
Photos Environment Course Location France
International Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga restorative retreat spell
Location photo Le Moulin, France courtyard right
Photos Environment Course Location France
Photos Wim and Chandra (teachers and owners)
Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka

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