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Sadhaka Conscious Community

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Co-creation for conscious and open minded people.

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A unique stay on a donation basis with a daily yoga, meditation and tantra practice. From January to May, travelers from all over the world are welcome to land on the soft ground of Le Moulin in central France. A safe bedding where you can rest and refresh yourself with the warmth of a conscious community of people. To develop oneself, to give and to be open to the wonders of life.

Would you like to live together for a longer period of time in a conscious environment? Do you want to live together in harmony with yourself, the people around you and nature? The Sadhaka Conscious Community is a family of like-minded people where you can come home, land, connect and exchange, in a defined time of a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 5 months. Feel welcome!

Why community?

sadhaka-community1Based on the Yoga philosophy: “We are One” we connect with each other, at a time when it is more needed than ever. Help each other connect with ourselves, each other and the source. No expectations, no judgments, no separation. Just completely free! With respect for everyone. Be yourself, completely.

We live together according to 3 basic principles:

  • Be loving to yourself
  • Be loving to the people around you
  • Be loving to your surroundings

You are never alone. That is the benefit of communities…

It gives you an energy boost to be surrounded by a lovely family that supports, nourishes and grounds you. If you need anything, someone is always there for you.

Together we form a team of around 12 yoga and/or tantra loving/curious people.

7 days a week we commit to 3 hours of community work, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, maintenance, painting, etc.
Initiator Wim Molinello, himself a yoga and tantra teacher, gives a few lessons every week. There is a daily shared yoga, meditation and tantra practice. Everyone is invited to contribute, share his or her qualities, and in this way we co-create and inspire each other, we grow together.

You can always SHARE anything. But if you don’t feel like it? You are also completely free to keep to yourself without being judged or criticized.

The Sadhaka domain is the perfect place for your community life experience. It is a beautiful green area surrounded by a river, with clean air, silence, water from its own well, hot water (and soon electricity) from solar panels, a sauna, 3 yoga rooms and a terrain large enough to find time and space to to be far away from society in a loving bubble!

What are the activities in this community?

  • – Co-creation: morning practice with our sadhana: meditation / yoga / tai chi, etc.
  • – Breakfast, silence until 9.30 am
  • – You spend 3 hours a day on your karma yoga (gardening, cleaning, cooking etc.)
  • – We have lunch together
  • – ou have some free time in the afternoon to share, relax etc. or you have a karma yoga shift in the afternoon (e.g. preparing dinner) and free time in the morning.
  • – Every day we have a sharing during dinner
  • – Evening program based on co-creation, meditation, sports, tantra, yoga, sauna, male/female circle sharing.


Who is this community for?

  • – Conscious people who want to escape the hectic modern world for a while and get in touch deeply with people with a similar mindset and lifestyle.
  • – Travelers who want to settle down, stay in 1 place and don’t have to think about accommodation and food for a while 😉
  • – All who are interested in community life but have never experienced it; this is the best place to try it out!
  • – Spiritual seekers interested in yoga, meditation, healing, tantra, healthy food etc…
  • – People who want to make a place more beautiful with their presence with a voluntary contribution in the form of a donation and labor force.
  • – People who want to learn how to become self-sufficient. And there is so much to do here that you will learn many new skills. (for example, did you know that the owner is also a beekeeper?)
  • – Or if you just want to take a little (or big) sabbatical from work and relax and just be surrounded by a bunch of loving and supportive people? And washing dishes and cooking and doing the laundry you have to do at home too 😉

What options are there if I want to join this community?

This is a simple answer, because there is only 1 option: join the community!

One of the reasons we can keep the prices of this community extremely low? Because we don’t have an ‘official staff’ except us so that means we really count on you if you’re involved in the daily life and tasks! Don’t worry, if you’ve never tried this… we’ll explain it all!

– Daily cleaning of common areas. (rooms, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, living room, dishes, etc.)
– Gardening
– Cooking or helping in the kitchen
– Prepare bread, muesli and other healthy foods. (don’t worry, we’ll teach you)
– DIY, maintenance of buildings, such as painting

And also co-creation!

Deliver classes that share your knowledge and professional skills in areas consistent with the community’s philosophy, such as health, spirituality and self-sufficiency.

What are my community costs?

As we mentioned before, we can keep prices low so more people can benefit from this community experience, even if your budget is small.

The minimum length of stay is one week.
You sleep in a room that is available at that time. Options are: dormitory, double room and caravans, own tent or camper. Single room optional with extra charge.
With your fee we keep the community out of costs so that it can continue to support itself. For your consideration: Your stay at Le Moulin is 20 euros per day in use/costs, reflected in the costs of organisation, facilitation, maintenance of the buildings, sustainability and landscaping.

After inscription you pay 30 € by bank transfer for your reservation, which makes you member of our association.

If you are a member of Workaway, sign up via this site and you will receive a 25% discount!

Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some things to leave at home or think about regarding others:


  • There are guitars and djembes, but if you have (other) instruments that you play, please bring them to jam around the fire and sing mantras ;-).
  • Bring white clothes for meditation, comfortable clothes for yoga and tantra practice, warm clothes because the nights are cold, warm socks or indoor slippers make it comfortable, shower slippers, own towels, organic shampoos. Bed linen is provided.
  • Take enough cash with you as there is no ATM nearby.
    We love to exchange! So feel inspired to bring in all your skills, knowledge and experiences that help the community grow in awareness. The program will be full of fun and games that can only be explained by experience.
  • There is (slow) WIFI (mail goes without problems, large amounts of data do not). There is no signal on the domain (300 meters away), you will find the best connection in the community with the people around you ;-).
    There is silence until 9:30 in the morning. A nice way to start your day calmly and with yourself.

Do not
We are a place for personal growth. That’s why we don’t want alcohol or drugs on our property/in your body. We strive for a natural high <3
Please find another place if you can’t find yourself in this choice. Come if you are looking for a clean and healthy place to be.
You are physically in good health. You are psychologically in good health and can carry yourself emotionally.
No pets on the property. Our 2 cats, 10 chickens and 3 pigeons love the tranquility of their own territory.

Connect with us in the following ways:


If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the website, or to sign up to be part of the community, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Management Sadhaka community: Wim Molinello, Anna Jensen

Social Media
Join our private Facebook group: Sadhaka Community, to connect and share with our tribe before the community life on Le Moulin begins.

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