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Sacred Spirit – Tantra Yoga training for advanced

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Sacred Spirit – Tantra Yoga training for advanced


The way back to the source

In sacred spirit training I invite everyone with an already awakened spiritual consciousness for an in-depth, inner journey. A journey in which we will further broaden the contact with our higher selves to the experience of unity in which we coincide with the source.

We meet and strengthen our universal consciousness and integrate this into our being to a daily state of being.

This trip starts with an online training course that you follow prior to the week in France. You and your fellow travellers with the same basis of self-examination enter the intensive weekly training. Your personal practice will be broadened and engrossed in the group with emotional body work and embodyment. We strengthen the field to a higher frequency through meditations, Pranayama’s (energy control exercises). The techniques used include the Vedantic Yoga system (note; not just Hatha yoga), Tantra (white, pink and black) and Zen.

Wim merges the yoga system and Tantra system according to old tradition. Because yoga completes tantra and tantra completes yoga.

Dharma talks, teachings on various earthly and spiritual topics, and sharings enrich the week to a full experience.

Topics in the workshops

• connecting with your primal power and life energy
• behold and embrace your shadow sides
• lifting emotional, physical and energetic blockages so that life energy can flow freely
• Gaining and developing the art of manifesting
• aura reading practice and experiencing energy bodies
• becoming confident with the spirit and gods world
• experiencing other states of consciousness
• addressing your self-healing power
• return the frequencies of our body to its natural state of harmony and balance.
• developing clear feeling and clear thinking
• waking up to high vibrating energy in the body
• increase the light in you and let it shine outwards
• relaxing to unconditional love

Who is this training for?

This training is intended for Tantra and/or Yoga practitioners with their own practice. You are expected to have the following skills:

• You have some Tantra and/or Yoga experience, or other similar awareness training courses.
• You are physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally comfortable in your own skin.
• You have some form of universal consciousness.
• You have experience in silence meditations of at least 30 minutes.
• Your system is cleaned up well before training. This means that you do not smoke, drink (also no coffee) and use drugs. You also don’t take heavy medication that acts on the psyche like anti-depressants.
• You are motivated to actively participate in all training components.

When you sign up, write your motivation for your participation, your experience and your sadhana: what your personal practice looks like.

Combiweek Tantra

Some responses from participants who took the course

“Because we are all Buddhas… Wow.” And we’ve come across that this week, in ourselves and in the other. Special, surprising, confrontational, open, freedom but above all instructive. Michelle and Chris

What a week, what a time. I’ve felt, felt, felt a lot. Beautiful Buddhas, nature, great food. What more could a man wish for? We fulfill wishes at home. I see my life a little bit now in the Sadhaka light. Stijn.

If every human being in the world could and dare to experience this once, there would be less war! Thank you so much for your efforts and love to make the week as good as possible for everyone. Jos

Love love love comes through all the cracks. It flows out, in and out… From the source and back. Thank you so much for your energy, connection and this beautiful place. Esther

Stars shine.

I look up and down.

Heaven on earth.

Haiku (Zen poem) Wim Molinello

Course dates

    Extend your stay with a Combiweek Yoga, Tantra and Creative, an in-depth Tantra Yoga course, Tantra massage week or a full board stay in the week before and/or after the festival.

    Daily schedule

    In total, about 7 hours of lessons are given per day. The program starts daily with a premorning class in nature for breakfast, followed by a morning block from 10am. After lunch there is an afternoon program from 15.00. Each lesson lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours. After the hot meal there is a varied evening program including a Tibetan sound bowl meditation, a musical or a creative activity. Halfway through the week there is an afternoon off for your own interpretation. At the end of the course week there is a joint closure in the evening. The next morning after breakfast, everyone leaves home (or stays for another week).


    Light, breaks darkness.

    Through the ignorance.

    Show me and be.

    Haiku (Zen poem) Wim Molinello

    Photos of the training in France

    Photos Course Yoga and Meditation
    Photos Course Yoga and Meditation

    For those wounded by civilization, yoga is the most healing salve

    Sadhaka photo inside overlay
    Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
    Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka

    Beware of the emptiness of a busy life

    Sadhaka photo outside overlay
    Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
    Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
    Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka

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