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Mindful Tango and Tantra massage

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Duo week with Mindful Tango and Tantra massage


Tantra & Tango, a meeting from the heart

Tantra & Tango have a lot in common; one of the most beautiful similarities is that you let yourself be guided from your heart. This Tantra massage & Tango week is much more than a dance or a massage, it is a form of being. It’s not about the steps or the massage techniques, it’s about tuning in from the heart in the moment….

This week is a journey of discovery in which you will be immersed in tantra massage, tango, movement and meditation under the expert guidance of Tantra masseur Johan Raaimakers and Mindful Tango teacher Franc Duking. Sadhaka takes care of the rest: peace, space, freedom, good food, swimming, walking, sunbathing. Add all this up and you have a wonderfully active and deepening holiday, where you deeply touch yourself and others and fill yourself with prana energy that is present everywhere.

Tantra massage and Tango

What makes the combination of Tantra massage and Mindful Tango so special? Tantra masseur and trainer Johan Raaimakers and Tango teacher Franc Duking both offer their passion this week, the connection from the heart. The tango and massage workshops reinforce each other enormously, both in body awareness and in energy. This allows you to connect with yourself, with your body, with your prana energy, with your hearts’ desire. Find deeper layers of self-acceptance and balance and connect with others from there. Mindful Tango and Tantra massage of course is also simply enjoyable, savouring heart connection, touching and being touched. It is the ideal combination of learning and relaxation.

Tantra & Tango


The massages in this week

– Prana flow massage: prana energy is generated by activating the male and female zones on the body, then mixing them into one prana energy. This prana energy is the neutral (non-dualistic) foundation for how the massage intuitively proceeds.
– 5 elements massage: on compelling music the 5 elements earth. water. fire. air and ether become activated in the body. After an explanation and demonstration, giving and receiving follows in couples. The whole challenge is to connect the five elements without excluding layers, so that the body enters a balanced state of being and ecstasy becomes possible.
– MoonPoint / KamaMarma massage: erogenous zones, and points connected to the chakras and sub-chakras, are stimulated by massage and thus activated. The points on the body can be divided into sensitive to very sensitive zones. When all zones are open or awake, you can do anything in any order, as long as it feels right for each other. The entire body is thus transformed into one large erogenous zone.
– Inner flow massage: a massage to connect with yourself and turn inward. No too many fire elements but calm, grounding and warming touches and massage movements. The whole body is brought to deep rest and peace, with moments of deep feeling and contemplation from within.

This is a selection of the massage that can be used. The level and needs of the participants and the topics touched upon during the course determine the final program. The massage workshops this week are tailor-made and may be supplemented with a 4 or 8 hands massage, blindfolded massage, dance, meditation, yoga, and so on. In short, anything that will balance your mind and soul.


Tango in this week

The Argentine tango is a playful, sensual improvisation dance without fixed steps. A relaxed connection ensures that you can be actively listening and open in the moment together. To achieve this, we first make you more aware of your own body, deepening the connection of your center with the floor. In addition to this connection with the earth, we also work with a proud, open-hearted attitude, an upright axis. The result is a relaxed connection between hips, heart and head. This makes it possible to connect with the other with an open heart. The dance is further inspired by the beautiful music.

Because the dance comes directly from your body, learning tango touches deeper essences and desires in everyone. We base our tango lessons on essentials such as presence and balance, connection and grounding, clear intention versus surrender, improvisation and freedom, polarity, musicality. This way of teaching lets you relax and tune in from your heart in the moment. It invites you to rest within yourself, to move from the purity of the prana energy. The combination with tantra massage reinforces this, because tantra and tango both offer an entrance to discover this more in yourself, then to move from that space with another.

Leading & following

One of the nicest things about tango dancing is the exchange in the roles of leader and follower. Leading is about sending your masculine energy with clear intention, inviting your follower without being coercive or too hesitant. Following from your feminine energy is learning to dance in active surrender. What does it take to follow your leader, but at the same time remain fully in your creative power? In the lessons we invite you to change roles every now and then, to experience both and learn faster. It can be enriching to experience both roles within yourself, or to experience 1 of the roles in depth. You follow your own choice in this. Playing with lead and follow can also let you experience how to deepen the polarity and passion in your relationship. Learning tango and going to dance tango is of course also just great fun, full of humor and enjoyment.

Is Tango difficult?

You might think “Tango must be very difficult…” or “I cannot dance….”

These misunderstandings prevent many people from starting tango. Our way of teaching tango ensures that you learn to move and dance naturally, in a relaxed way. Tango is mainly about connection, about learning to move together, about playing together; you don’t have to remember sequences of steps. This makes it easy for many people with the fear that dancing is difficult, or the belief that they can’t keep a rhythm.

“To learn tango is to discover yourself. To dance tango is to let yourself go” (Tango Zen)


Photos Massage

For whom?

The week is intended for everyone, man or woman of any sexual preference, singles, couples or occasional couples, young or old, married and/or in love.
Experience with Argentine Tango or massage is not necessary.

The Tango and Massage workshops are both given twice a day, once in English and once in Dutch. You can choose which one you register for.

Couples are formed in the workshops and are free to change. Existing couples can choose to do (part of) a workshop together or to gain a new experience with others.

Tantra teaches you to see the equivalence to the other, and asks questions such as how can you receive and or give, are you a follower or an initiator? Do you take responsibility in a touch or do you quickly let someone else cross your boundaries, blocking your energy? All topics that can be discussed in this safe setting.

The program

Arrival on Sunday between 4 and 7 pm, arrive and arrange a place to sleep. Then dinner and welcome at 7 pm, in the evening chilling by the campfire.

10.00 – 12.30 morning program (5 mornings)
15.30 – 18.00 afternoon program (5 afternoons)
21.00 – 22.00 various evening activities (optional)

Day 1:
Massage: Playful introduction to dance, movement and Moon-point/head massage.
Tango: Playful introduction and a tango lesson about connection and presence.
Day 2:
Massage: Prana flow massage back side, giving and receiving.
Tango: A workshop about polarity and the game of leading and following.
Day 3:
Massage: Prana flow massage, front.
Tango: a lesson about walking, accelerations, decelerations and sensuality.
Day 4:
Massage: Giving and receiving the 5 elements massage.
Tango: A playful lesson about turning, elegance and embodying your axis.
Day 5:
Massage: Give and receive a 4-hands or a blindfolded massage
Tango: A workshop about musicality and playfulness. We use this lesson for integration.

Day 6: farewell, departure after breakfast until 10 am, or you stay and enjoy a week of rest, or another course week.

An impression of a Mindful Tango & Tantra massage week

Tantra & Tango
Tantra & Tango
International Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga restorative retreat spell 1
International Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga restorative retreat spell
Tantra & Tango

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