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Introductory weekend Tantra Yoga

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Introductory weekend Tantra Yoga


26th of May to 29th of May 2022. From € 385,- all in

– Delivered in Dutch

Interested in Tantra but you find it exciting to just pick a general tantra course? You feel the call to discover who you truly are, exploring yourself in a deeper way then ever before? You want to develop personally & spiritually? Then this course is exactly what you are looking for. It is fun, deep -maybe even a bit naughty- and also transformational… An accessible introduction weekend to experience Tantra in a safe and low-threshold way.

Learn about Tantra in a safe bedding

Tantra literally means translated: expansion, widening or unwinding . It gives specific tools for de-conditioning and dissolving blockages.The backpack of living in samsara (daily life) is filled with conditionings that can keep you from living in complete freedom. Comfort zone and fear zone are known limits for many, but we invite you to investigate and widen those limits. You may not yet know all your limits of comfort and anxiety, but we offer a safe bedding to investigate this in a varied program of playful exercises, loving support and caring feedback.

Live your full potential

Through active meditations on music, through body awareness exercises and contact exercises, we let you naturaly become familiar with energy work, your own body and your relationship with others. We encourage you to live your full potential and celebrate life. Letting go of your fears and experiencing total freedom by embracing your true self. We learn to make connections on an energy level from heart to heart. The exercises and meditations are focused on heart connections, transformation and awareness of the Now.

The program is designed to allow you to experience how you relate to:

  • open yourself up to give and receive
  • look beyond the illusion of the physical body, into the deeper layers of yourself and your surroundings
  • having total and full trust to the present moment

Aspects of “being ourselves” are examined in a playful way in a safe environment of loving acceptance for all that is.

Click here for more information about Tantra.

Course content

This weekend is characterized by many practical exercises, supported by theory.

Theoretical topics:

  • Tantra within the yoga system
  • Tantric lovemaking, shiva – shakti – kundalini energy
  • Tao for the woman and for the man

Practical exercises:

  • Hatha yoga and duo yoga classes focused on Tantric energy work
  • The art of making contact
  • Active meditations
  • Five elements massage
  • Tantra Prana Flow massage
  • Ecstatic and Contact dance

Student response

Unknown to Tantra, I crossed the threshold with Wim and Chandra. Just a few days later, my heart is overflowing with love. Tantra yoga has deepened compassion with myself and my fellow man and gives a loving connection. Trees

The Program


17 – 18:00  Arrival from noon to settle down in the sleeping room or pitch a tent
18.00  vegetarian meal
20:00  introduction, Contact Dance
Midnight silence


07.30  Osho No Dimension meditation
08:45  breakfast
10.00  duo yoga class and meditation
12.30  hot vegetarian meal
14.30  theory class Shiva – male sexuality
18.30  diner
20.30  Tantra Prana Flow massage back of body
24.00  silence


06.30  Osho Dynamic meditation
07.30  Zen meditations
08.30  breakfast
10.00  theory lesson Shakti – female sexuality
12.30  hot vegetarian meal
14.30  Angelwalk
18.30  diner
21.00  Tantra Prana Flow massage front body
24.00  silence


07.30 Quantum Light meditation
09:00 am breakfast
10.00  5 element massage
12.30  hot vegetarian meal
14:00  Tantra yoga and meditation: earthing
Departure between 4 and 5 p.m.

(subject to change)

Sadhaka inspires you to develop creatively and spiritually. A unique experience that you can think of with a smile for a long time to come.

Chandra Patricia and Wim

Who is this training for?

For people who are interested and want to discover more about Tantra yoga in general, energy work and Tibetan Tantra teachings, this introduction weekend is the ideal opportunity. People who want to grow spiritually are naturally interested in fundamental questions of life and to grow in consciousness, becoming a whole person. An intense healing process often precedes this. To really become whole, interest in sexuality, love and deepening of consciousness is needed. The course is suitable for singles and couples, who are new to Tantra or with little experience. But even if you just want a weekend for yourself full of Tantra yoga, active meditations and connection, this is a very heart lifting course.

Important to know

  • All lessons in this course in Germany are English spoken.
  • You always have the freedom not to participate in course components, or partially or less intensively.
  • There is no special dress code.
  • No sexual acts or sexual contact takes place
  • We offer a safe and accessible environment for you to develop spiritually and grow in consciousness.
Combiweek Tantra


The Tantra Yoga Introduction Weekend is deliverd by course facilitators:

Wim Molinello and Chandra Nanda Dasi of Sadhaka creative and yoga courses in France, and Johan Raaimakers from Tantra-Atma Tibetan Buddhist massage and coaching in the kum Nye tradition in Sint Oedenrode in The Netherlands. For more info about Johan see:


The Tantra Easter weekend in Germany takes place in Seminarhof Schöppingen | Heven 54 | 48624 Schöppingen (30 km. from Münster). For more information about the course location, go to:

The Tantra Ascension weekend in The Netherlands takes place in Havelte. For more information about the course location, go to:

Introductory weekend Tantra Yoga

Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
Location Netherlands; Seagull bog yoga and tantra space
Location Netherlands; Seagull bog - Country town
Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
Sadhaka course location photo

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