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Deep Love Erotic immersion for couples

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

Eros, Love and Belonging.

Infuse the vital power of your sexual energy into your intimate relationship in day-to-day life. This training will elevate your love life to become the place where you are nourished, uplifted and transformed.
Dive deep with your partner, without distractions, and form new beliefs and habits. When these new behaviors are fully embodied you will implement them easily into your daily routine.

The ancient art of slow lovemaking

Step into the sanctuary of Karezza.
Erotic immersion for lovers is truly a deep dive in a soul blending journey which will move your mind, heart and body.
You’ll enjoy the sexual education we all ought to have received, yoga, meditation and of course, scheduled sex dates, with yourself and your partner. And just what happens, when you devote a few hours a day to erotic yoga practices? You’ll find out!
You’ll have my intuition, wisdom + personal attention. We’ll expand your erotic imagination with new skills, techniques and practices. Your questions will be answered. Your life force will be stoked. You’ll find the place where Love meets spirit. And you will stay there.


You won’t know what’s next. But you’ll love every moment. You go home and step into your life with unbridled energy, charisma, and magnetism. That’s the power of sexual energy, unleashed. Just get ready. (And warn your partner.)
This practice and experience of Karezza changed the lives of many couples.
It brings you as a lover deeper into your heart, into your body and helps you reconnect with You.
Which makes it all the more easy to connect with another person.

You’ll experience how to expand your orgasmic and creative potential, by accessing your sexual energy—and using it like sensual rocket-fuel for your life and relationships.

This Love immersion is a powerful and direct means to actualizing your sovereignty; your freedom to choose, and to owning your greatness.

What will you experience together during this week?

  • Tantric and Taoist techniques to harmonize and connect with your partner.
  • How to create and rebuild chemistry in your relationship.
  • Simple steps to bring up difficult issues in intimacy with grace and have your partner love you for it.
  • How to use your sexual energy to rejuvenate your entire being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • How to have various orgasms: expanded, multiple & full-body orgasms.
  • Steps for building stamina in men.
  • Sensual and therapeutic massage techniques
  • Why fantasy play is therapeutic and how to integrate it into your relationship.

What will she learn?

  • We’ll explore precisely why sexually-satisfied women radiate beauty, confidence and irresistablle femininity.
  • How to ignite female desire: emotionally and physically.
  • Practices and techniques to allow your female partner to fully surrender to pleasure and joy.
  • How to clear the major blocks women have to claiming their sexuality.
  • Vaginal yoga and practices to reconnect to sensual self.

What will he learn?

  • New ways to build his confidence as a lover.
  • How to control his ejaculatory response, so you can enjoy the ride…longer.
  • Techniques to open his mind, body and soul.
  • How to stimulate the male G-Spot (he has one too!).
  • Pelvic strengthening and energy practices to increase the strength of erections, control and orgasmic pleasure.

Soul blending in timeless lovemaking…

Two souls and bodies seem as one, supported and floating on some divine stream in Paradise.…
This is the real ideal and end of Karezza. You will  enter into such unity that in your fullest embrace. You will feel a physical unity as if her blood flowed in your veins, as his flesh were yours.

Who is it for

This week is for couples, lovers, friends who loves to explore erotic realms together.


Tanya brings a rich fusion of experience in Sacred Eros, shamanism, trauma-informed somatic sexology, Kundalini Awakening, Tantra, shadow work and embodiment practices. She has a background in trans-personal and neuro-affective psychology, BodyMind psychotherapeutic modalities, musicology and eastern mysticism.

Impression from a Tantra training with Tanya

International Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga restorative retreat spell 1
International Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga restorative retreat spell

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