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All you can meet – Combiweek Creative / Yoga / Massage

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

All you can meet – Combiweek Creative / Yoga / Tantra

Combiweek Creative / Yoga / Tantra

All you can meet weeks at Sadhaka in France

Come to Sadhaka this summer to find the connection with yourself and the people around you, through yoga, meditation, creative, massage and/or tantra. We join forces and it is up to you to choose from the best of what Sadhaka has to offer! A week in which you can be creative, practice Hatha yoga, take Tantra yoga classes and learn to massage. A wide range of combinations where you come all the way to yourself through different paths and connect with others.

First feel then choose

No choice stress beforehand but per day feel and choose what you want to participate in..

Choose your daily morning course from the following offer:

  • Hatha yoga/mindfulness/meditation by teacher Wim Molinello, or
  • Creative in the art studio with Chandra Benjamins, or
  • Tantra massage “The Art of Tantric Touch” with Johan Raaimakers

Choose your daily afternoon course from the following offer:

  • Tantra yoga by teacher Wim Molinello, or
  • Creative in the art studio with Chandra Benjamins
  • Tantra massage “The Art of Tantric Touch” with Johan Raaimakers
Photos Course Yoga and Meditation


Express yourself! Creating is a wonderful process of trying and experimenting, freeing up your creative flow where you discover yourself in a new way. Chandra gives daily workshops and group assignments, such as making dreamcatchers, making objects with natural materials, painting to music, booing from your gut. You can also work independently, choosing from a variety of art disciplines, with all the materials at your disposal, and combining and alternating them just what suits you: mosaics, sculpting, drawing, painting, watercolouring, stained glass, linoprints, jewelry making and modelling.

Hatha Yoga

The hatha yoga classes taught by yoga teacher Wim Molinello are refreshingly playful, spicy, humorous and dynamic. You’re coming out of your head back into your body. Raja Yoga teacher Wim Molinello teaches you not to look at your neighbor, or follow a teacher, but to feel. Learn to listen to your own body and be loving to yourself. You are the creator of your own universe. He gives you back control of your body, actions and reactions. You become responsible for your own life. What a step! What a transformation. How valuable!

Wim offers a variety of Zen meditations that end his yoga classes at rest.

Tantra Yoga

Come out of your head in your heart and feel: this is me
Find yourself dancing and smiling celebrating life in Sadhaka’s beautiful yoga room. The Tantra yoga classes taught by yoga teacher Wim Molinello teach you to experience your limits to total freedom in a relaxed and playful way and let you come home within yourself.

When warming up with motion expression to music, you release into your body and the energy starts to flow (as Osho said “Throw out all the craziness”).
Each lesson is different, with contact exercises, active meditations and energetic massage exercises, where heart-to-heart connections are central. They are focused on spiritual growth. You are invited to open up physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally and to develop and grow in consciousness.

Combiweek Tantra

Tantra massage “The art of Tantric touch”

Giving a Tantra massage is less than 10% technique, the rest is unconditional attention, awareness and love. The contact comes primarily from yourself and your heart. As a giver you are completely present and out of thought and ego. Johan knows how to take you to these higher realities in his lessons.

Prana Flow, 5 elements, Inner Flow, Kashmir, Moon point, Kama marma are the massages you can learn to give and receive at Johan. As a couple or as a single in a safe bed in the vision of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

Sadhaka inspires you to develop creatively and spiritually. A unique experience that you can think of with a smile for a long time to come.

Chandra Patricia and Wim

Some responses from participants who took the course

This is without a doubt the most beautiful gift I ever made to myself. Thanks for the numerous tips, both in yoga/meditation and in creative. I’ll take them and carry them in my heart this week. Delphine

I enjoyed the creative and yoga classes, the food, the fellow students and the volunteers. You are wonderful warm-hearted people and some radiate your enthusiasm, passion and warmth. It’s nice to be able to enjoy this paradise part of France with you. Cindy

I found total peace and relaxation here! It was wonderful to stay here in this warm and loving domain of Le Moulin. I learned a lot in both yoga and crea. Laura

For the first time sculpting and fine yoga have made it a super week. Also the location, the food and all the fine people make me always think back with a smile to Sadhaka 🙂 Hilde

Something in me said, “This is where I want to go.” The words: peace, loving, warmth, gaining experiences and sharing appealed to me. It exceeds all my expectations, especially to be among so many loving and beautiful people for a week!! I have been able to look deep into myself and I feel light and happy. (Anonymous)

For whom

You don’t need creative, tantra or yoga experience. For yoga you are in possession of a reasonable basic condition and the will to put energy into your spiritual growth. You don’t have to be nimble.

Weekly program

You arrive in the course of the afternoon where there is room to get acquainted in a relaxed atmosphere. After dinner, the introduction of the course will be introduced, which will be concluded with a name game. The first day of the course is one of start-ups. Instructions are given on the various art disciplines and you will get your first yoga and or Tantra class. After the introduction day we start daily at 8.45 am with the sun saluting on the mountain meadow. There is silence until 10 a.m. The morning becomes a valuable moment of the day, to wake up relaxed and come to yourself in peace. In the morning you can choose to be creative in the studio, or to take a Hatha yoga class. In the afternoon you have kueze from Creative or a Tantra yoga class. Students who choose the creative course can work independently in the art studio outside of course hours. With a Tibetan singing bowl meditation, singing around the campfire, sauna and/or a creative activity, the days end (click to view the evening program and massage offer and wellness offer). You are not obliged to do anything and free to skip activities. Halfway through the week there is an afternoon off for your own interpretation. At the end of the course week there is a joint closing in the evening with an exhibition of the visual work made and a nice swing in the dojo. The next morning after breakfast, everyone leaves home (or stays for another week).

08.45 – 09.15 solar greeting (optional)
10.00 – 12.30 pm Hatha yoga class, Tantra massage or creative in the studio (6 mornings)
15.00 – 17.30 Tantra Yoga class, Tantra massage or creative in the studio (5 afternoons)
21:00 – 22:00 evening activity (optional)

Pictures of our course combiweek Creative / Yoga / Tantra

Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
Photos Course Drawing and Painting
Location photo Le Moulin, France courtyard right
Sadhaka course location photo
Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka
Photos Wim and Chandra (teachers and owners)
Photos Course Tantra Sadhaka

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