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Acro Yoga retreat

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Attractive prices
  • Beautiful place in the middle of nature
  • Sustainable stay
  • Good facilities (swimming pond, sauna, water from a natural spring)

The art of Acro Yoga


The basics of Acro Yoga is that you do it together

Are you looking for something new and original for your summer activities? You want to do something good for you, but also challenge yourself ? Discover your unsuspected abilities in playfulness atmosphere ?
For the first time at Sadhaka, we’re offering an acroyoga retreat, a discipline that liberates the mind and strengthens the body.

What is acroyoga?

The basis of Acro Yoga is that you do it together. This is not a class where you perform poses and focus only on your own body. Acro Yoga is done with two or three people and all three have their own role. It’s not like an ordinary yoga class: you work together and learn to trust each other. This form of yoga combines:
• The playful aspect of acrobatics
• The physicality of Yoga
• The contact of a Thai massage

During an Acro Yoga session you work together with two others. There are:
1. the base
2. the flyer (the kite)
3. the spotter

The spotter ensures safety, checks whether everything is going well and provides assistance if necessary. The base will hold the flyer in the air with his or her feet and/or hands practicing on giving stability and developping self-confidence. The flyer will try to stay balanced as best as possible and try to relax. This requires concentration and confidence in the base.

Acroyoga is a subtle mix of yoga, acrobatic lifts and Thai massage. It looks spectacular but it is much more accessible than it seems, and leaves no one behind, whatever the abilities. Acroyoga is based on two complementary pillars: the solar part is dynamic and acrobatic. The lunar practice is gentler and more therapeutic.

There are two golden rules. In the lunar practice: if it feels good, it’s right. In the solar practices: if you are having fun, it’s right.

The benefits of the practice

Acroyoga is a fun and inclusive practice that not only will teach you physical skills, but also foster the feeling of connection and potentially bring back play and creativity into your life.

By doing acroyoga, you enjoy these benefits : build strength, flexibility, confidence, coordination and friendships. Become more balance, open, kind, present, connected with you and each other and healthy.

Through practicing acroyoga, you may find yourself : experiencing more joy, practicing compassionate communication skills : cultivating kindness, taking more risks in your dealy life, feeling centered, expanding the full spectrum of your being, enjoying life as play, releasing fear, embracing the unknown, surpassing the limitations of the mind.

What are we going to do?

During this week, we’ll be offering a progressive and adapted approach, covering notions of alignment, inversions, long and deep stretching, balance work and more acrobatic postures. A pedagogy based on listening and playfulness will enable us to discover acrobatic partner at each individual’s own pace, in a spirit of playfulness, self-transcendence and well-being.

We’ll also devote time to developing our sensitivity to touch, learning the principles and techniques of Thai massage. This practice promotes healing, relaxation and letting go. Practitioners cultivate deep listening, loving touch and the ability to give and receive. It’s an exchange between two people, like a dance between giver and receiver.


Arrival on Sunday, between 4 and 7 p.m., time to settle in, set up a place to sleep, and meet others. Enjoy the beautiful place with a cup of tea in your hand and get to know other participants! There will be dinner at 7 p.m. followed by an introduction.

Monday to Friday:

10.00 – 12.30 morning program (5 mornings)
15.30 – 18.00 afternoon program (4 afternoons)
21.00 – 22.00 various evening activities (optional)

Saturday: farewell, departure after breakfast until 10 am, or you stay for another week with full board stay, or all in course.

 Embrace the balance and trust the process, finding strength and harmony in every pose. Life is better when we fly together.

Who can subscribe?

Our retreat is open to everyone. You can join us alone or accompanied. Places are limited to a maximum of 15 people.

Polyne and Amelie are the facilitators of this retreat


Curious and passionate, she found her calling when she discovered acroyoga, which for her is a veritable philosophy of life. Certified by the Yoga Sana school in Bordeaux, then by Acroyoga International, she founded the Auvergne Acroyoga association, where she teaches in her home town. Dance and movement are essential to her life. Recently certified in “Movement Flow”, she enjoys teaching these techniques to all those who wish to develop their mobility, agility and proprioception in an adapted and accessible way. Convinced of the power of the hands and the connection between bodies, she has trained in Thai massage, closely linked to acroyoga, but also in other types of massage dedicated to sports recovery and the release of tension. Interested in many areas related to nature, body, mind and alternative lifestyles, she enjoys sharing her discoveries and experiences in a quest for balance.


As the seasons go by, she blossoms in contact with nature, where she loves to adventure, explore and discover. She has been teaching her passion for physical and outdoor activities for 10 years. It was during her training that she came across acroyoga. She discovered a new way of connecting with others, using the body rather than words. For her, acroyoga is the perfect balance between well-being and challenging herself.
Passionate about everything that involves the body, she’s keen to help you discover it by making it accessible to everyone. She’ll help you to blossom in your practice, but also to push back your limits, showing you that everything is possible.
She has completed her training in the teaching of adapted physical activities in order to teach different profiles, of all ages and physical conditions. She will guide you safely and at your own pace.

Foto’s van een Acro yoga training

Le Moulin, a place to be

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