20 - 27 juli 2019

Ten Chi Nin ‘Give Expression to Life’

Move | Play | Feel | Experience | Connect


How can we be fully present, fully aware and fully alive? When we are free from constrictions from past and future, when we free ourselves from a false conception of who we are, we are able to give full expression to life.
We want to be happy; this is a simple, yet astoundig truth! If we were given the choice, would we choose otherwise? Would we then choose misery, pain, grief and depression over joy, bliss, happiness? No! But sometimes we feel we don't deserve it, or others are responsible for giving this to us...

Ten Chi Ninis a blend of several beautiful practices that have been put together by Christian Knibbe: Yoga, Mixed Movement and Martial Arts.
We will use exercises that apply to everyday issues. We play with balance, play with breath, with the mind, with ourselves and with others. For this we tap into the ancient knowledge that is given to us through Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts and Dance.

These elements combined work on: flexibility, balance, both meditative and free movements, self -awareness, but above all a deeper connection to your Self/Soul, giving true happiness.


This workshop has it all:
Flexible as a Yogi
Relaxed as a Buddha
Powerful as a Ninja
Happy and shiny as the true You!

The main theme within TenChiNin is finding your centre. Only from there are you able to observe what is actually happening around you and within you. When you are off-center, then you’ll experience fear, stress, anger etc.

In the center is where you can tap into the NOW, experience real control, true connection and infinite power.

What to expect in the class

We’ll be using exercises from Yoga, Martial Arts and Dance/Movement to connect to ourselves and to others. Sometimes you work on the yoga mat, at other times you’ll be moving around with a partner/opponent.

Is it possible to maintain your center when someone else is trying to bring you out of it? Can you remain calm when your Ego is trying to tell you otherwise? Are you free and confident to move completely free? In other words: we use practical exercises to help you stay centered when difficulties arise and to find liberation from anything holding us back.


Exercises we’ll use:

• Yoga asana practise

• Yoga meditation and breathing exercises

• Martial Arts principles to stay balanced and respond to difficulties or conflicts

• Dance and Free Movements

• Meditation

Daily scedule

The program starts daily befor breakfast with a  30 minutes varying morning workshop (morning yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, etc). There is a class in the morning at 10.00 and an afternoon class starting at 3 o'clock. Each class lasts an average of 2,5 hours. After dinner there is a varied evening program (Crystal Healing meditation, Mantra chanting, ecstatic dance, sauna, etc.).

08.45 to 09.15 - Pre morning program
10.00 to 12.30 - Morning program followed by lunch and a break
14.30 to 17.00 - Afternoon program
21.00 - Evening program

Halfway through the week there is a free afternoon to fill in by yourself; go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, lose yourself in a book from the library, swim in the lake, sweat it out in the sauna, or simply lounge in a hammock and daydream about life.
Importantly, there is time and space to process whatever you have experienced throughout the day. 
Halfway through the week there is an afternoon free for your own interpretation. 
The week will be closed as a group on the final evening. After breakfast the following morning it is time to say goodbye. Or stay for another week for an in-depth training or full board stay.



Chris Knibbe is a teacher in Eastern Martial Arts, Taijiquan and Yoga and is a Shiatsu therapist and Pranic Healer. Together with his partner Michelle Tarenskeen he was the owner of Yoga Studio Next door in Landsmeer, Holland: www.yoganextdoor.nl
Visit the website of his current practice for his full course and treatment offer: www.pranaki.com
Back from their stay in India where he taught the Ten Chi Nin Taijiquan teacher training course, he will share his knowledge of the body, mind and life energy with the students in the Ten Chi Nin Yoga Course and in the Pranic Shiatsu Massage certified Training they give together at Sadhaka in France this summer.

For questions please contact Chris directly and send a message to info@pranaki.com




You can book an individual session with the various trainers, masseurs and healers for an even deeper experience. Prices and booking on the spot.


The course is held from Saturday, July 20 to 27, 2019 when the weather is most pleasant with dry air and roughly +28 degrees.

Extend your stay with a week for an in-depth training. Prior to the course: the trainingSelf-expression in Dance, Yin Yoga and Meditation, Combination week yoga and Art (dutch),  Photography course. After the course: The Yogafestival, Combination week yoga and Art. Full board stays are also possible.



Early bird price* / standard price
6 person room (mixed male/female): € 740,- / € 765,-
4 person room (family room): € 770 / € 795,-
3 person room (family room): € 815.- / € 840,-
2 person room (couples): € 875,- / € 900,-
1 person room (single): € 975,-/ € 1000,-
Bring your own tent: € 770,- / € 795,-
Bring your own caravan/camper: € 795,- / € 820,-
1 or 2 person ready-made tent: € 815,- / € 840,-
1 or 2 person ready-made caravan: € 865,- / € 890,-

Prices are per person, all-inclusive the course, 7 nights, food, drinks with the meals, fresh fruit, coffee & thee and the evening activities. Alcoholic drinks are sold for a small price.
* the earlybird price is valid until 31 March 2019 

Video impression

Click here for a video impression of the location.