13th to 20th of July 2019

This course does not exist anywhere else! A new and original combination of dance, yin yoga and meditation. Rediscover yourself dancing, laughing and celebrating life at Sadhaka this summer! Pauline and Michelle, two young and inspiring women collaborate and join their passion and talent in a both original and unique way. This will be a playful and inspiring week which will guide you towards more awareness and the feeling of expansion of the self. We invite you to get out of your head and into your body. Reclaim your space, move freely and live completely according your unique authentic nature!


What makes this week special?

A new combination of dance and awareness.
During a full week you will follow classes which combines the elements of dance, yin yoga and meditation in a new way. The main theme is raising your self-awareness, self-expression, moving from intuition, strengthening physically and mentally. The focus will shift gradually from head to body. You will be invited to listen more carefully to your bodies needs and act accordingly towards new experiences that arise in the moment.

The classes start with a warm-up where the body is gradually ‘woken up’. Elements from dance-expression, dance-improvisation, contact-dance and more are being introduced and implemented in order to experiment freely in movement and discover your own unique dance in every moment again. Yin Yoga and Meditation are used to further allow body and mind to relax and to deepen the awareness. Sometimes exercises will be done individually, with a partner, or with the whole group.


Dance is a dynamic and ever-changing force of movement

In the daily sessions you’ll be meeting yourself and others in a space of loving kindness, where your creativity is allowed to be discovered.
Through dance your attention is brought back to the Now, and to everything that exists within you.
When you surrender to the music you’ll experience a freedom from ideas and conditionings, a deeper connection with your natural state. 



Yin yoga

Yin yoga
Yin yoga, is a gentle form of yoga and is about stillness and deepening of the posture. The big difference with Hatha yoga is that Yin only uses relaxing postures that are held for three to five minutes (possibly with support from cushions). In this way the connective tissue is slowly stretched and hydrated and the joints remain flexible. More space is created in the connective tissue and joints. It stimulates the flow of prana (life energy) that flows through your body through meridians and ultimately has a positive effect on health. It is beneficial for your organs, your immune system and your emotional state.
Stretching the muscles with Yin Yoga releases tension and stress, making this form also very suitable for people with burnout or fatigue.
Because the exercises are easy to perform, it is very accessible to everyone and therefor experience is not required.

In addition to Dance and Yoga, various forms of meditation are also offered.
In short, this week brings you back to yourself, to what is currently living in you and to express this in movement and awareness.


Daily scedule

The program starts daily befor breakfast with a  30 minutes varying morning workshop (morning yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, etc). There is a class in the morning at 10.00 and an afternoon class starting at 3 o'clock. Each class lasts an average of 2,5 hours. After dinner there is a varied evening program (Crystal Healing meditation, Mantra chanting, ecstatic dance, sauna, etc.).

08.45 to 09.15 - Pre morning program
10.00 to 12.30 - Morning program followed by lunch and a break
14.30 to 17.00 - Afternoon program
21.00 - Evening program

Halfway through the week there is a free afternoon to fill in by yourself; go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, lose yourself in a book from the library, swim in the lake, sweat it out in the sauna, or simply lounge in a hammock and daydream about life.
Importantly, there is time and space to process whatever you have experienced throughout the day. 
Halfway through the week there is an afternoon free for your own interpretation. 
The week will be closed as a group on the final evening. After breakfast the following morning it is time to say goodbye. Or stay for another week for an in-depth training: Sadhaka Tantra Yoga course,  and the Art Week (dutch). You can also extend your stay with a week course prior to the festival: the Sadhaka Tantra Yoga course, the certified training Shiatsu massage and Pranic Healing and the Painting course (dutch) the training Nen Chi Nin yoga, the Anti Burnout holiday (dutch). 



Facilitators of this training are Michelle Tarenskeen, Yoga teacher and Pranic Healing Therapist en Pauline Rooyackers, modern dance teacher.
Visit Michelles website: www.pranaki.com
For additional info and any questions contact Michelle directly: info@pranaki.com



You can book an individual session with the various trainers, masseurs and healers for an even deeper experience. Prices and booking on the spot.


The course is held from Saturday, July 13 to 20, 2019 when the weather is most pleasant with dry air and roughly +28 degrees.

Extend your stay with a week for an in-depth training: Sadhaka Tantra Yoga course, the training Nen Chi Nin yoga, the Anti Burnout holiday (dutch) and  Art Week (dutch). Full board stays are also possible.


Early bird price* / standard price
6 person room (mixed male/female): € 740,- / € 765,-
4 person room (family room): € 770 / € 795,-
3 person room (family room): € 815.- / € 840,-
2 person room (couples): € 875,- / € 900,-
1 person room (single): € 975,-/ € 1000,-
Bring your own tent: € 770,- / € 795,-
Bring your own caravan/camper: € 795,- / € 820,-
1 or 2 person ready-made tent: € 815,- / € 840,-
1 or 2 person ready-made caravan: € 865,- / € 890,-

Prices are per person, all-inclusive the course, 7 nights, food, drinks with the meals, fresh fruit, coffee & thee and the evening activities. Alcoholic drinks are sold for a small price.
* the earlybird price is valid until 31 March 2019 


Video impression

Click here for a video impression of the location.