3rd to 10th of August 2019

Wouldn’t it be great to help and heal yourself and others through touch and connection? Would you like to learn more about energy channels (nadis), chakras, the elements of nature and Prana or life-energy?
Then this certified course is for you!
This course will give you all the knowledge you need to help friends, family and others to increase the self-healing power that is within everybody.
After this week you’ll also have enough knowledge to actually start your own business.
And, even if you already work as a therapist, there is plenty of new and interesting material and insights to increase your healing powers!


The combination of Shiatsu and Pranic Healing is new and is not taught anywhere else. Especially in this unique week-course.
Christian Knibbe and his partner Michelle Tarenskeen, 2 highly experienced teachers and therapists, combine forces to offer you this beautiful training.
You will receive a worldwide acknowledged certificate of Pranic Healing next to the Pranic Shiatsu certificate, which will give you access to advanced courses anywhere in the world.


What is Shiatsu pressure massage?

Shiatsu is Japanese for ‘finger pressure’ and is in fact based on the Chinese Medicine. By giving certain pressure with the hands or fingers, the therapist connects to the Ki or Life Energy of the client to restore the balance. Any misbalance in the body is felt as pain, fatigue, strong emotions, stress, depression, etc.
In this course we will focus on the Chakra system and the corresponding nature elements; a unique insight that combines the knowledge of China, Japan, India and Tibet!


What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a simple yet highly effective system of healing, developed by grandmaster Choa Kok Sui from the Philippines.
In this method there is no physical contact, as the focus is on the energy field or aura that is felt outside the physical body to restore and vitalise the Prana or life-energy.
This energy has a direct effect on the body’s self healing capacity. With the right techniques this self healing can be highly accelerated, thus speeding up recovery from illness injury or decease.
Prana of life energy is always available to us through sun, earth and air and is used to recover from physical and emotional illness.
Pranci Healing is a clear and easy to follow program that allows you to imply directly on yourself and others.


The training

During the 6 days you’ll have theory and practise classes, giving clear and practical steps to eventually give a full healing session. You will learn about:

• Getting more awareness and ‘healing power’ in your hands
• The meridians or nadis in the body
• The chakra system according to ancient knowledge
• The aura or energy body
• The link between several physical and emotional issues and their corresponding chakras and nadis
• How to set up a full treatment
• How to perform a diagnose


It is advised to purchase the book ‘Wonders of Pranic Healing’ by master Choa Kok Sui. We will be working a lot from this manual. It is also possible to buy the Dutch version during this course. 

For whom?

This certified course is very interesting as additional training for every therapist and masseur to supplement your knowledge and broaden your offer. But even if you have no experience in this area, you are very welcome! The training is equally fascinating and educational for everyone and gives everyone all the tools to be able to apply the treatment themselves.


Daily scedule

The program starts daily befor breakfast with a  30 minutes varying morning workshop (morning yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, etc). There is a class in the morning at 10.00 and an afternoon class starting at 3 o'clock. Each class lasts an average of 2,5 hours. After dinner there is a varied evening program (Crystal Healing meditation, Mantra chanting, ecstatic dance, sauna, etc.).

08.45 to 09.15 - Pre morning program
10.00 to 12.30 - Morning program followed by lunch and a break
14.30 to 17.00 - Afternoon program
21.00 - Evening program

Halfway through the week there is a free afternoon to fill in by yourself; go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, lose yourself in a book from the library, swim in the lake, sweat it out in the sauna, or simply lounge in a hammock and daydream about life.
Importantly, there is time and space to process whatever you have experienced throughout the day. 
Halfway through the week there is an afternoon free for your own interpretation. 
The week will be closed as a group on the final evening. After breakfast the following morning it is time to say goodbye. Or stay for another week for an in-depth experience with your participation to the Yoga Festival prior to the training or the Tantra Festival in the week following the training!


Facilitators of this training are Michelle Tarenskeen, Yoga teacher and Pranic Healing Therapist and her partner Chris Knibbe, a Shiatsu therapist and Pranic Healer and teacher in Eastern Martial Arts, Taijiquan and Yoga. Together they were owner of Yoga Studio Next door in Landsmeer, Holland: www.yoganextdoor.nl

Visit the website of their current practice for his full course and treatment offer: www.pranaki.com
Back from their stay in India where he taught the Ten Chi Nin Taijiquan teacher training course, he will share his knowledge of the body, mind and life energy with the students in the Ten Chi Nin Yoga Course and in the Pranic Shiatsu Massage certified Training they give together at Sadhaka.

For questions please contact Chris and Michelle directly and send a message to info@pranaki.com


You can book an individual session with the various trainers, masseurs and healers for an even deeper experience. Prices and booking on the spot.


The course is held from Saturday, August 3 to 10, 2019 when the weather is most pleasant with dry air and roughly +28 degrees.

Extend your stay with a week Yoga Festival prior to the training, or the Tantra Festival in the following week! Full board stays are also possible.


Early bird price / standard price
6 person room (mixed male-female): € 815, - / € 840, -
4 person room (family room): € 845, - / € 870, -
3 person room (family room): € 890, - / € 915.-
2 person room (couples): € 950, - / € 975, -
1 person room: € 1050, - / € 1075, -
Bring your own tent: € 845, - / € 870, -
Bring your own caravan/camper: € 970, - / € 895, -
1 or 2 person ready-made tent: € 890, - / € 915, -
1 or 2 person ready-made caravan: € 940, - / € 965, -

Prices are p.p. all in, including course, 7 nights, meals, drinks with meals, fruit, coffee and tea, and evening activities. Alcoholic drinks for a small fee.
* the earlybird price is valid until 31 March 2019

Video impression

Click here for a video impression of the location.