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Leilani Weis

  • Über 15 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Attraktive Preise
  • Schöner Ort mitten in der Natur
  • Nachhaltiger Aufenthalt
  • Gute Einrichtungen (Schwimmteich, Sauna, Wasser aus einer natürlichen Quelle)

Angelike Valster is a Soul Voice®Practitioner, teacher and coach

Leilani Weis (Chile/Itlay) teaches, experiments and performs Contact Improvisation and Tango.  She brings a special fire and sensuality to her dancing and applies the open and free improvisatory attitude of Contact Improvisation to her Tango dancing and Tango teaching from where this Contact Tango research emerges. Visit her on Facebook: Or watch her amazing videos:

Tango and Contact Improvisation are two forms of improvisation that have many points in common, but also different points of views. The one supports the other in a creative and technical process. Technically we will work on the musicality, the axes and the steps as fundamentals for recognizing the Tango. The structure of the body as support, the relationship with the gravity and the awareness of the own center and the others, opening the spherical possibilities of movement as fundamentals from Contact Improvisation. The creative process will look for its source in the highly sensual and poetic images from Tango and the less common but not less poetical images from Contact. In the workshops we will create this dialog of play, music and images fully.