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Fredrik Swahn

  • Über 15 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Attraktive Preise
  • Schöner Ort mitten in der Natur
  • Nachhaltiger Aufenthalt
  • Gute Einrichtungen (Schwimmteich, Sauna, Wasser aus einer natürlichen Quelle)

Fredrik Swahn is a professional artist with over 25 years of experience, a certified voice coach after studying at the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm and one of the most radiant workshop leaders.

Fredrik has formed and led various men groups and tantric couple retreats throughout Sweden. He has been on the tantric path for more than a decade and is continuously longing to drop into deeper authenticity with the people around him while sharing his passion for conscious connections and sacred sexuality.

Fredrik’s love for running transformational workshops is often framed by the powerful transmission of his live songs that inspire participants to open up to more vulnerability, presence and expansions of their hearts through sound, breath and true intimacy.

His music is all about self-development and self-love with a beautiful twist of playfulness, vulnerability and humour.

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Fredrik Swahn is a musician and voice coach, offers tantra couple retreats and leads men groups in Sweden