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Angelike Valster

  • Über 15 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Attraktive Preise
  • Schöner Ort mitten in der Natur
  • Nachhaltiger Aufenthalt
  • Gute Einrichtungen (Schwimmteich, Sauna, Wasser aus einer natürlichen Quelle)

Angelike Valster is a Soul Voice®Practitioner, teacher and coach

My focus and experience lies in voice-breath and bodywork.
I have over 10 years education and experience in bodywork, mindfulness, Soul Voice®, shamanic explorations & connecting to nature.
I came in contact with the Soul Voice® work via Haptonomy, dance, breath- and voice work.
Soul Voice® is a creative voice and sound healing modality which explores the human voice into its ultimate depths and potential. Humans are resonant beings; our voice will remember what we have forgotten. It reveals richness, aliveness and power, our light and dark sides. It carries any suppressed memories and indicates our spiritual path. It is our vibrational blueprint and a living testimonial of who we are in soul essence.

Visit her website fot more info:  (in Dutch)

The power of your voice

In my workshops we explore our unique personal resonance, (self)healing capacity and our indigenous wisdom through our voice. This indigenous wisdom lies in our cellular memory. By connecting to our uncensored voice, we connect to this wisdom.
We give creative expression and let our whole being be part of it.

When we connect to- and liberate our voice, we can listen deeply, and gain freedom in who we are. Through deep listening to our own voice, we come in contact with our personal wisdom, Source, Spirit, Oneness …I believe in the power of being present in the body.
Your voice is a powerful instrument for (self) liberation, healing and connection with your Soul’s essence that you always have with you. Listen to your voice! Use your voice! Explore the unexplored within yourself that longs to be heard and seen.

Listen to your body!
Through our (western) lives we tend to get shaped and pressed into our heads – disconnected from our core wisdom. The conditioning to ‘go on’, ‘work hard’ & ‘don’t complain’ for generations has left us in our heads.
I discovered that liberating my voice and breath gave me personal freedom and connection from heart to head, instead of the other way around.

Our voice is the mirror of our internal universe, so listen and let your voice be free.
You don’t have to be able to sing (at all). If you have a voice, you can give sound.
Enjoy the vibration

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